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Apache Reservation - 2012 - Nautique Cares!

Jul 18, 2012

Nautique employees serving their time on the Apache Reservation

Nautique team working hard to help a worthy cause

This past week I was privileged to join a team of twenty-seven Nautique employees who traveled to the Apache reservation in Arizona. This amazing team spent their money to help cover the costs and gave up part of their summer vacation to build homes for needy Apache families.

The group, which consisted of employees from all parts of our company, did a great job in the Arizona heat working on two separate houses. We put in a ceiling, finished eaves and put in a floor; it was tough work but very fulfilling to assist others in such a significant way.

We also had the privilege of meeting the people who will be enjoying the new homes.

It is interesting to see what happens when you get a bunch of highly creative people, such as the Nautique team, working together in a new setting. The team was full of ideas to help the building process. Last year while building Apache homes we designed and built a mold that has been used on subsequent houses and this year we helped develop a new process for installing ceilings in the Apache houses. It is nice to know that our work not only helped the houses we worked on directly but will also benefit many more Apache houses in the future!

Those who know our team well understand that this type of service is not unusual. The past few years, besides two trips to build homes for Apache families, Nautique employees have also made service trips to Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. Later this year we have another group going back to Africa.

Our Nautique team is not only committed to building the world’s best boats but also helping to make the world better. I am proud to be part of this amazing group of people!

The world’s best ski boat; the world’s best wake boat; and, a company that cares!

Enjoy the Nautique life!