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Nautique Insider

Andy Mapple – Ski Nautique Legend

Apr 20, 2010

At OWC with Andy Mapple

Andy Mapple skiing behind the new Ski Nautique 200

A little over three years ago, shortly after I started working at Correct Craft, I had the opportunity to meet water skiing legend Andy Mapple. Few people in the water skiing world are better known than Andy, who is arguably the greatest water skier ever.

Additionally, few people are more publicly connected to Ski Nautique boats than Andy Mapple. As I have travelled around the world, I often have the opportunity to visit water ski venues and many of them proudly have a picture of their hero, Andy Mapple on their wall; and Andy is almost always wearing a Ski Nautique shirt and hat in the picture!

Andy has had an incredible career: six world championships, eleven world records, fourteen Masters titles and numerous other accomplishments; the guy has truly been amazing on the water. Andy is a fierce competitor and as most people know, has been a long time Ski Nautique fan; he doesn’t trust his career to just any boat.

Andy’s desire to be the best, combined with his many years of water skiing excellence made him the perfect guy to work with our Product Development team to develop a new ski boat. Andy won’t settle for less than perfection and I knew that if he was involved with developing a new boat, it would be the best on the market, by far. So Andy committed to the project and spent the better part of two years working with our team. The result – the world’s best ski boat; our new Ski Nautique 200!

This past weekend I joined Andy at Orlando Watersports Center (OWC) as he spent several hours demonstrating the new Ski Nautique 200 to several interested skiers. People are always in awe of Andy and it is fun to see them meet him. He is definitely a rock-star in our world and people are always thrilled to get to know him.

It is also exciting to watch skiers get behind the new Ski Nautique 200 for the first time and watch them come off the water beaming. People love this new boat and it is truly revolutionizing the water ski world.

If you too are an Andy Mapple fan, you will be excited to know that he and his wife Deena (a world champion water skier herself) are going to spend this summer traveling the country with their new Ski Nautique 200. Check out Andy’s schedule at his Team Mapple website to see if he and Deena are coming to a town near you.

If you are a skier, odds are that you also have high standards. So, why settle for anything less than the best? You should be skiing behind the same boat that legend Andy Mapple does, the new Ski Nautique 200.

Enjoy the Nautique life!