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Nautique Insider

85 Years!

Oct 20, 2009

At the plant with Ken Meloon and Bill Waits

Last week we had an employee lunch at Nautique to celebrate 85 years of building the world’s best boats. That’s right, 85 years – that’s a long time!

After 85 years of customers buying our boats (over 200,000) you could conclude that the world has had a pretty fair chance to evaluate what we do at Nautique. Millions of people have enjoyed Nautique boats and, after 85 years of the most critical type of testing (by real owners on the waters of the world), we are happy with what our customers have concluded.

Our internal and external market research along with our real life experiences tell us that Nautique owners are the most loyal in the industry. That loyalty does not develop by accident; it comes after a lot of really hard working people have done all they can to ensure Nautique customers love both their boats and the Nautique life.

Those of us here now at Nautique truly appreciate those who have gone before us and helped to build such an incredible legacy. People like Ralph Meloon, son of our founder, who is now 91 and still shows up for work every day. People like Ken Meloon, grandson of our founder, who is our Board Chairman and has worked for decades, both in the field and here in Orlando, to ensure that the Nautique life was the best possible boating experience. People like Bill Waits, our Production Manager, who has been here over 30 years making sure each and every Nautique lives up to the incredibly high standards to which people hold our boats.

There are many, many others and while I cannot list them all, we do respect and appreciate their investment in making Nautique the world’s premier boat brand.

While we are excited to celebrate our past, we are even more interested in moving on to the future. At Nautique we continue to develop the world’s best boats and we are excited about our next 85 years.

If you are scanning our website and reading this blog looking for a great boat, we hope that you will consider the company that has stood the test of time and won the most difficult of challenges – year after year real boating customers, people just like you, select Nautique as the boat that best meets and exceeds their expectations. We would love to have you join us!

It has been a great 85 years; we are looking forward to the next 85. Enjoy the Nautique life!