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February 17, 2014

Meet Team Nautique athletes at your local Boat Show!

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Team Nautique athletes are traveling all over the world to team up with our Nautique Dealers this boat show season and they want to talk to YOU! There is no better way to learn about Nautique than to speak to the skiers and riders that spend every day in and behind the boats. Come learn first hand from the best athletes in the world why Nautique is hands down the best boat brand on the water.


February 22-23
Shaun Murray – Boston Boat Show
J.D. Webb – Grand Rapids Boat Show
Jeff McKee – Detroit Boat Show

February 28-29
Kyle Rattray – Winnipeg Boat Show
JD Webb – Boston Boat Show

March 7-9
Kyle Rattray – Saskatoon Boat Show
Jeff McKee – Dubai Boat Show

March 14-16
Bob Soven – Edmonton Boat Show

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January 31, 2014

USA Water Ski honors Team Nautique Athletes at their 75th Anniversary Awards Banquet.

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USA Water Ski honored members of Team Nautique this past weekend during their annual awards banquet held at the Lake Eva Banquet Hall in Haines City, FL. This banquet celebrated the 2013 water ski season and marked the organization’s 75th year.

Team Nautique skier and World Record holder Nate Smith was awarded USA Water Ski’s Male Athlete of the Year for the second year in a row, and was also recognized for his world record of 2.5@ 43-off set in September of this year. Smith also won the 2013 Water Ski World Championships as a member of the U.S Elite Water Ski Team. Joining Nate on the U.S. Elite Team were fellow Nautique skiers Scot Ellis and Erika Lang with performances that contributed to an overall team victory for the U.S. at the event.

“It’s an honor to receive this award. It has taken a lot of time and dedication to get to where I am today. It is not easy to fight your way to the top through all of the tough competition out there. I am thankful for all of my sponsors especially Nautique for standing behind me since the beginning and providing me with everything necessary to accomplish what I have over the last couple of years.” – Nate Smith

Nautique athlete Erika Lang was recognized by the American Water Ski Association (AWSA) as Trick Skier of the Year and for her recent World Trick Ski record of 10,180 points set in October. Erika has taken the water ski world by storm this year with standout performances including her win at the 2013 Water Ski World Championships.

“Being awarded the American Waterski Association Trick skier of the year is such an honor! 2013 was such an amazing year for me and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of it without the help from Nautique, D3, my coaches, and my parents! I had very high standards for myself this year and I was able to achieve every single one of my goals!  Without everyone’s support I wouldn’t be where I am today in the sport of waterskiing!” – Erika Lang

Nautique athlete Raimi Merritt was awarded USA Wakeboard’s Female Athlete of the Year. Raimi competes in events all over the globe and in 2013 won her eighth consecutive IWWF World Cup title in five years.

“I am so happy to be named 2013 USA Wakeboard Female Athlete of the Year. I worked very hard this past year and to see it pay off and win this award is amazing! I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for me.” – Raimi Merritt

For more information on our elite team of athletes please visit

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January 17, 2014

Team Nautique Locked and Loaded for 2014.

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As we gear up for the 2014 season Team Nautique is poised to continue to push waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakeskating, and wakesurfing to new levels. This past year was incredible with the release of the G-Series line of boats pushing the limits of wake riding and the Ski Nautique 200 continuing to make history with an incredible 3 world records broken behind it this season.

The G-Series:

Since the release of the G-Series we have all had a front row seat to the most rapid development in wake-sports ever. While that may seem like a bold statement, the supporting evidence is undeniable. Beginning with the first contest the Super Air Nautique G23 ever pulled seeing two wake-to-wake 1080’s landed for the first time in competition history; we’ve gone from tricks that were considered “Move of the Year” material happening on a rare occasion, to Team Nautique rider Mike Dowdy putting wake-to-wake double flips in his run on a regular basis. In fact, in one season training behind the G23 Dowdy has learned a double backroll, switch double backroll to revert, double roll to blind, backside 1080, and a toeside 1080 all off the wake.

“The Nautique G-Series has helped me take my game to the next level and continues to give me the platform I need to let my imagination on the water run wild. In my opinion riding behind these boats has changed what we are capable of, and the progression we are seeing is simply unreal.” – Mike Dowdy


The Ski Nautique 200:

The Ski Nautique 200 continues to prove its record-breaking capabilities and ability to bring skiers to the top of their game. Since joining the team in 2010 Team Nautique Skier Nate Smith has been nearly unbeatable in competition. This past year he won 6 major tournaments including the Masters and the Water Ski World Championships. Erika Lang also became a World Champion, and set a new World Trick Record of 10,180pts behind the 200. With 15 world records in three disciplines and overall by 7 different skiers since it hit the water…It’s just GOTTA be the boat.

This off-season has been a busy one for Team Nautique and we can assure you that the momentum we have coming into 2014 is set to continue to break boundaries and make history. We are a team of World Record holders, World Champions, and Innovators dedicated to being the best in the world, and bringing you the very best boats in the world.

To check out all of our upcoming boat shows, events, our team, and our world-class boats please visit

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December 20, 2013

Team Nautique welcomes Josh Twelker and Noah Flegel

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We are proud to announce the addition of West Coast rider Josh Twelker and South Florida wakeboard/wakesurf phenom and all-around waterman Noah Flegal to the Nautique Team.

With tons of raw natural talent Noah Flegel is known for being able to turn heads on any board, anywhere, anytime. In 2011 he was nominated Sports Illustrated Kids “Sports Kid of the Year,” won the 2012 Wakesurf World Championships in the skim division just for fun, and was crowned the  WWA 2013 Jr. Pro Men Series champion. At 16 years old, Noah is having the time of his life and dominating everything he does. With wins at nearly every major event this season, Noah is one to watch coming into 2014 with a lot of momentum.

“Joining the Nautique Team has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid and I’m honored to be representing such a flawless product.- Noah Flegel

Also joining Team Nautique is West Coast rider Josh Twelker. Living in Discovery Bay, California, Josh rides on the Delta and his name has become as synonymous with the legendary waterway as his unique style. This style has launched Josh into the spotlight with an original approach to wakeboarding that is deliberate and unduplicated, making him an exciting rider to watch. With a growing library of video parts and a hardcore fan base, Josh is arguably the most influential rider on the West Coast and continues to impress with his inventive riding.

“I’m stoked to be part of the Nautique family.  It’s been a major goal of mine to be on a high quality team like Nautique.  I had the opportunity to ride behind a Super Air Nautique G23 for nearly three weeks while filming for Al Sur in Mexico.  It’s the biggest and best wake I’ve ever ridden behind and it’s truly an honor to represent the Nautique brand.” – Josh Twelker


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December 11, 2013

Smith and Lang emerge World Champions at the 2013 Waterski World Championships in San Bernardo, Chile.

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Team Nautique skiers dominated the 2013 IWWF World Waterski Championships in Chile with our two freshly minted world record holders on top of the podium in their respective divisions. Held during our Thanksgiving holiday, the semi-annual World Championships draws the best water skiers from every country to compete for both individual and team scores. Team Nautique had ten athletes from four different countries competing in the event.

Nate Smith, who received word that his Men’s Slalom World Record had been approved just days before he won a hard fought battle running 5@41 in the elimination round, and 3@41 in the final. This was the first time a U.S. athlete had won the division since 2005.

 “I could not be more excited than to finish the season with my world record getting approved and to win a world championship title all in the same week. Two of the most important things in waterskiing I was able to accomplish this year.  It is always fun doing things that people tell you are impossible to do.  My success this year could not have been possible without all the support from everyone at Nautique Boats. When you have the best boat in the world to train behind you are able to put up the best scores in the world. I’m looking forward to some rest this off-season, then coming back strong in the spring. “

Erika Lang, who had also just received the news that her World Trick Record had just been approved, took first place in the Women’s Trick event scoring 9,570 pts. Joining her on the podium in third place was Nautique teammate Clementine Lucine with a score of 9490 pts.

I have accomplished so much this year in my skiing career! Breaking the world record at only 17 years old and then winning worlds only one month later is a dream come true! I still can’t believe that I have achieved so much at such a young age and I’m going to continue to push the limits! “ – Erika Lang

Team Nautique’s Women’s Jump World Record holder Natallia Berdnikava took the podium in 3rd place jumping 178 ft. Taking first with a Jump of 184ft was Ski Force’s Jacinta Carroll.

In Women’s Slalom, Whitney McClintock took second place running 4@39.5 and Clementine Lucine took her second podium of the event placing 3rd with a score of 2@39.5.


In Women’s Overall, Whitney McClintock took second with a total of 2,684.37 pts just in front of fellow Nautique skier Clementine Lucine who scored 2,564.33 pts for the event

For more information on the IWWF Waterski World Championships please visit

For more information on our team, and our world class boats please visit

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November 27, 2013

Nautique Cares: India

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Words by: Shaun Murray

As we boarded the plane heading to Western India, Nautique CEO Bill Yeargin gave me the latest estimated numbers on human trafficking, which currently totals tens of millions people worldwide with, by some accounts, nearly half of those located in India. Not knowing exactly what to expect, a team of us were headed right into the heart of it on a Nautique Cares initiative to support a group named “As Our Own”.  As Our Own is a non-profit group that has brought in nearly 100 girls from brothels in which their mothers are forced to work and live.  Once rescued, these girls are given a home and a high level of education, allowing them to escape the cycle of poverty and raising them “as their own” until they walk them down the aisle for marriage.

We were allowed to walk into the brothels and see where these women live and work. I can assure you that you have never seen anything like it. Part of me wants you to see pictures from the place, but the other part would like to spare you the images being stuck in your head. Either way, As Our Own asked us to not take pictures, or even show who the girls are because their operation could be put at risk. The immediate feeling is that this problem is so overwhelming; you struggle to wrap your head around where to begin.

As Our Own isn’t simply trying to fix the symptoms of the evil that is happening; but fighting the root of the problem in how their society places no value upon the life of those below the poverty level. These girls are graduating with bachelor’s degrees, which is completely life changing for them due to the structure of their society and the limits that have been placed on them from the day they were born. What these girls are able to accomplish with the vision and help of As Our Own is proving what they are capable of not only to themselves, but to a society that is convinced it is impossible for them to amount to anything at all. At the forefront of this movement, As Our Own is working on becoming the example that changes the mindset of a nation, opening their eyes and their hearts to this tragedy against their own people.

While we are all enjoying everything this Holiday Season, please remember that there are some people in this world that are never given a chance in life and are living in situations that you and I could never comprehend.

I am proud to be working with a company that is active in initiatives like Nautique Cares, dedicated in trying to make a positive impact on the world no matter how big or small.  If you would like to learn more about As Our Own and support their movement please visit

-Shaun Murray


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November 21, 2013

The Super Air Nautique G21 has arrived!

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The buzz surrounding the potential launch of a G21 has been resonating throughout the wake community since the day the Super Air Nautique G23 was released. One year, seven months, and fourteen days after the G23 changed the face of the sport; a select group of industry professionals were invited to Nautique headquarters on November 14th for a sneak preview of the All-New Super Air Nautique G21 before its official launch on the 15th at OWC. Our professional athletes took this opportunity to really put the capabilities of this boat on display from wakeboarding to wakesurfing and wakeskating, every discipline was represented in full effect. Getting to experience the boat first hand, everyone came off of the water impressed with the versatility this boat brings to the table, packing everything a G-Series boat has to offer in a twenty-one foot package.

“I’m looking forward to never having to fill a fat sac again. This boat is everything you could ask for with big, clean wakes for days right out of the box!” -Brandon Thomas

The official G21 launch on Friday afternoon kicked off our annual dealer meeting with a bang. Hosted at OWC, Nautique dealers from all over the world were treated to demos and walkthroughs with Team Nautique riders and three Super Air Nautique G21’s on hand. With a cable exhibition under the lights and an open ride to cap off the evening, it was apparent that once again, Nautique delivered in a big way.


“It was great to have the whole team out to showcase what the G21 can do for all of our dealers. The level of riding that is happening behind this boat with no additional weight is really awesome and I know we’ve hit another home run with the absolute best 21 foot towboat on the market.” – Shaun Murray

For more information on the All-New G21 please visit


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October 31, 2013

Into the Darkness at The Orlando Extreme Watersports Festival.

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Nate Smith standing on the start dock just before the head-to-head final.
Nate Smith standing on the start dock just before the head-to-head final.

The Orlando Extreme Watersports Festival was one of a kind as the worlds’ best watersports athletes entered the darkness behind the Super Air Nautique G23 and Ski Nautique 200 for a night to remember. The downtown Orlando venue on Lake Ivanhoe set the perfect stage in the heart of the mecca of watersports. Featuring competitions in Jump, Slalom, and Wakeboard, fans were also treated to wakeskate and wakesurf demos by Nautique Team riders Brandon Thomas and Scott Byerly in between events. With a site full of fans, vendors, and a live DJ, the whole watersports community came out to light up the night.

Team Nautique wakeboarders Bob Soven and Danny Harf impressed with show stopping runs during the day that earned them a spot in the finals when the sun went down and the lights went on. In the finals Danny Harf exploded off the wake with his signature technical style earning him a third place finish.

“Riding at the Orlando Watersports Festival was a unique experience. I haven’t done too many night competitions but the fans were pumped and we were excited to put on a show for the home town crowd!” – Danny Harf

Bob Soven didn’t let the darkness consume him, riding like a man possessed charging the G23 wake so hard that he had everyone cheering him on and biting their nails at the same time. Always a crowd pleaser, Bob may have finished second on the podium but as always, first in the hearts of the fans.

“Although the darkness was challenging, my trust in the G23 wake never fades. Day or night, rain or shine, hail, snow, dust storms and through the flames I know that behind that boat the answer is to always hold my edge true. It was awesome that CBS radio took such an interest in wakeboarding and waterskiing to throw an event right here in Orlando. Even better was that they partnered with Nautique to put the best wake in the business on the lake for all of the riders and spectators to enjoy. Thanks to everyone that helped put on the event and keep watersports going strong in Orlando.” – Bob Soven

In the slalom event Team Nautique’s Nate Smith crushed it all day behind the Ski Nautique 200 running 1@43 in semis and taking the win with a full 39-off pass in the dark during the head-to-head super final. Fellow Team Nautique skier Jon Travers rounded the podium out in third place with 1.5@39.

“I thought it was a great event! Lake Ivanhoe is a great place to have a tournament. It was definitely one of the darkest night events I have ever skied in. It was a challenge trying to line up for the gates at each end. The conditions were perfect and with the Nautique 200 the only thing I had to think about was my skiing. I thought there were a lot of spectators throughout the day. I hope to ski there again next year!” – Nate Smith

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October 31, 2013

K.C. Wilson Wins the Collegiate National Championships!

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Team Nautique skier K.C. Wilson won the 2013 Collegiate National Championships held at Imperial Lakes, CA earlier this month running 5@39.  Congrats K.C.!!!

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October 17, 2013

Erika Lang sets new pending Women’s Trick World Record

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Team Nautique skier Erika Lang sets a new pending World Record behind the Ski Nautique 200 this past weekend at Imperial Lakes in El Centro, California with a score of 10,180 points. The Ski Nautique 200 has pulled 15 world records with two pending IWWF approval.  At 17 years old Lang is fierce competitor everyone has had their eyes on as she has consistently been a threat to breaking the trick world record this season.

“The Nautique 200 is such an incredible boat with its solid wakes and super smooth surface it provided me with the necessary tools I needed to set the pending world record.”- Erika Lang

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