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February 25, 2015

The 55th Moomba Masters presented by Nautique

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On March 4th – 9th crowds will line the shores of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia for the most spectated event in watersports, the Moomba Masters. The most elite athletes in the world will compete for the honor to be crowned Moomba champion and huge prize money in front of roaring fans in challenging conditions that make this event legendary. Join us for this spectacular event and watch the best of the best in Slalom, Trick, Jump, Wakeboard and Barefoot. Or stream it live online at For the event schedule and more information please visit Also check back here after the event for a full recap and photos of the action.

March 4-9, 2015

Batman Avenue, Richmond,
Melbourne VIC 3121


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February 25, 2015

Nautique signs trick skiing world record holder Aliaksei Zharnasek

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From Belarus, Trick Ski World Record holder Aliaksei “Ace” Zharnasek has joined Nautique’s elite team of athletes. A powerhouse on the water, Aliaksei’s skiing is clean, efficient, and flawless with a dedication to training that has resulted in multiple world championship titles and the current world record of 12,570 points. In 2014 Aliaksei capped of his season with a win at the Nautique U.S. Open of Waterskiing and looks to start 2015 off with a win at the upcoming Moomba Masters.

“I can not be more excited and proud to start skiing for Nautique Boats which are considered by many the best boats in the industry. Nautique is constantly striving for perfection when building their boats and I’m very glad to have an opportunity to ski and achieve new heights in my career with the very best Ski Nautique 200” – Aliaksei Zharnasek

For more info on our team and our world class boats please visit

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February 14, 2015

Nautique goes ALL-IN Signing Three New Wakesurfers to its Elite Team of Athletes

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With wakesurfing on the rise and Nautique committed to growing every aspect of the sport; wakesurf athletes Drew Danielo, Jodi Grassman, and Zach Smith have joined Team Nautique for 2015. These athletes complete the spectrum joining Tommy Czeschin and Noah Flegel to create what will be considered the most dominant surf team in the industry. Our focus on developing new innovative product and creating a platform for the sport to grow has resulted in recognition from the best in the sport and earned us WakeWorld’s Riders Choice Award for Wakesurfing Boat of the Year. We are truly ALL-IN with everything we do and the result is the best riding behind the best.

“It has been awesome being a wakesurfer for Nautique. I love how committed they are to wakesurfing with the development of the Nautique Surf System (NSS). Hands down the best wakesurf boats, best waves, and best transfers out there. I really enjoy working with Nautique testing new products and ideas, giving them feedback, and seeing things come to life. I can’t wait for the future things that Nautique will have to offer!”

“Jodi is super talented for being so young. I would say she has the potential to be the best female wakesurfer very rapidly.  She loves wakesurfing, has good powerful style and is able to send it into big tricks. I look forward to hanging out and wakesurfing with her. I have always enjoyed watching Drew ride and he is a staple in wakesurfing. I’m stoked he is on Nautique and can’t wait to see what he is able to do with the NSS! Zach rips and I look forward to getting to know him better and shredding with him. Welcome Aboard Mates! This is going to be a fun, great team to work with. Ride on!” – Tommy Czeschin

“Becoming part of Team Nautique last year was seriously the best thing to happen to my career to date. It’s obvious that Nautique has been the leader in wakeboarding boats for years on end so to see them successfully expand their endeavors into wakesurfing over the past few years has been awesome for me since I indulge in both sports professionally.  I’m stoked to see Nautique adding some amazing wakesurfers and personal friends of mine to the team this year. Welcome to the team Jodi, Zach, and Drew!” – Noah Flegel


7-Time World Champion Drew Danielo

Drew Danielo represents the pinnacle of wakesurfing at a professional level. A seven time World Wakesurf Champion, he is an ideal role model both on and off the water. Drew’s talent and passion for growing wakesurfing has influenced the sport through his involvement with competitions, product development, and rider mentorship. A selfless approach centered around making everything and everyone around him the best they can be will continue to position him as a person to look to as wakesurfing gets bigger and bigger each year.

“Joining Team Nautique is really like a dream come true. Since the time I got into the wake industry it was obvious that Nautique was the premier company. They have been known as the boat with the best wakeboard/wakeskate wake. With the G-Series and the Nautique Surf System, they are now on top of the surf game also. I feel I have joined a company that shares a lot of the same morals as I do and they hold themselves to a very high professional standard. To see my name next to guys like Scott Byerly, Shaun Murray, JD Webb, Shawn Watson and the rest of the team is kind of surreal. I am excited to start this chapter of my career and work closely with Nautique to continue to push them to the front of the wakesurf community. I really feel at home with Team Nautique. Dreams can become reality with hard work and the right decisions.” -Drew Danielo


Jodi Grassman

Since coming onto the scene 17 year old Jodi Grassman has been turning heads with a rapid rate of progression that has her poised to be the very best in the sport. With a 2014 season that saw podium finishes including a win at the 10,000 Lakes open, and videos circulating the Internet of her landing crazy maneuvers behind her Super Air Nautique G21 we can’t wait to see what’s next from this young standout.

“Being HAND PICKED to be apart of Team Nautique was more than a dream come true. I grew up participating in watersports and I have always thought of Nautique as being the best boat and company in the industry. When I started wakesurfing I realized there are no other boat companies that have a wave comparable to Nautique. I could talk forever about how much this opportunity means to me, but I am so grateful I cannot explain how truly blessed I am to be apart of a company so professional and supportive.” – Jodi Grassman


Zach Smith

In just a short amount of time North Carolina’s Zach Smith has been gaining recognition for his progression on the water as the result of hours spent behind the boat. Coming into 2015 with a ton of support behind him keep an eye on Zach and prepare to be surprised with what he does behind his Super Air Nautique G23 this year.

“I’m very excited to join Team Nautique. I have grown up having tons of respect for Nautique and after having a Super Air 230 three years ago; it was a dream of mine to ride for Nautique. It is great to know the best boat company out there with the most versatile surf wave is backing you. I’m looking forward to progressing and seeing the wakesurfing industry continue to thrive.” – Zach Smith

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January 31, 2015

Four Team Nautique Athletes honored at USA Water Ski annual banquet.

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USA Water Ski and its associated organizations recognized the very best athletes of 2014 with four of our own from Team Nautique taking home top honors. These athletes continue to prove to be the most elite in the world both on and off the water and we are proud to congratulate them on another outstanding season!

Erika Lang  - AWSA Trick Skier of the Year

Nate Smith – AWSA Slalom Skier of the Year

Zack Worden – AWSA Jump Skier of the Year

Raimi Merritt – USA Wakeboard Female Athlete of the Year

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January 31, 2015

Nautique 2015 Event Season.

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The 2015 event season is upon us and Nautique is set to pull the most premier competitions in watersports for an action packed season of events around the globe. Stay up to date with everything we have going on this year by checking out and keeping up with our blogs and social media via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

* 2015 Nautique Wake Series Stop


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January 15, 2015

The All-New Design Your Nautique 3.0

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The all-new Design your Nautique 3.0 has just been released and is loaded with new features that make creating the boat of your dreams both more intuitive and exciting. Set the scene with your choice of three backgrounds to customize Nautique’s award winning 2015 models along with three new view perspectives allowing you to see every feature of the boat in vivid detail. Highlight key features from each view using new clickable hotspots that give an in-depth description and look at select items throughout the boat.

The DYN community includes new features that connect users from around the globe with the ability to view and like the designs of others sorting by model or timeframe. Users can also save their designs for future edits, and send their favorites to their local Nautique dealer for additional info and pricing. The DYN still includes a favorites section that allows you to check out the latest color schemes from Nautique, the ability to share your designs on Facebook, and a boat specifications page with stats, product videos, and the latest images for each model. This easy to use interface can be used from a computer, tablet or smartphone making designing and sharing your perfect Nautique a piece of cake no matter where you are. See all the changes and build, save, and share your fleet of customized Nautique boats at



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January 15, 2015

2015 Boat Shows!

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Boat show season is in full swing and Team Nautique athletes will be working with our world-class dealers at several shows around the world to speak to you first hand about why Nautique builds the absolute best towboats on the market. Get out to your local show to see all that Nautique has to offer for 2015 and get geared up for your best summer yet. For a complete list of boat shows featuring Nautique Boats please visit:

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December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays from Team Nautique!

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From around the world Team Nautique would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!

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December 21, 2014

Shaun Murray – #thisiswhyiride

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There are few people in watersports as admired and looked up to as Team Nautique rider Shaun Murray. A part of the sports growth since the beginning and figure head to some of the largest companies in watersports, he is one of wakeboarding’s most influential riders and the man people look to for advice on everything from product development to the careers of aspiring pro’s. While known for keeping it professional and being an ideal role model, Murray is just as importantly known for always having fun. Watching Shaun Murray ride is an experience that blends style and technical mastery with show-ski antics that include jaw-dropping maneuvers done for the sole purpose of making everyone in the boat scream in excitement.  The lasting impression is, “I can’t believe how good he is” and “man that looks fun.”

In such a competitive sport, riders can sometimes be so focused on success and what they can get out of wakeboarding that they lose sight of why they started riding in the first place. Through every injury and every run of up and down moments Murray has never lost sight of the fact that at the end of the day he simply enjoys riding his wakeboard for nothing more than how it all started; going out on the water and having fun. Shaun has been reinforcing this idea more than ever this past year at home and on the road putting smiles on faces and recently starting a #thisiswhyiride social media campaign.

Shaun and our friends at Aktion Parks (Owner of Orlando Watersports Complex and Miami Watersports Complex) recently released a short documentary video giving us some insight on everything Murray and an in depth look at #thisiswhyiride.


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November 30, 2014

Mike Dowdy – The Difference

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Team Nautique Rider Mike Dowdy took the wakeboarding world by storm in a way that few have ever done. He set himself apart by not only posing a threat to the top of the podium at any contest, but by his seemingly insatiable appetite for pushing the sport that is found in only a very few number of athletes in the world regardless of which discipline they choose. His willingness to put his vision of what wakeboarding can be in front of his own physical conservation had everyone continuously wondering what would come next out of the Michigan native who just kept proving time and time again, that we aren’t done yet.

With a momentum generating year in 2013 Dowdy didn’t disappoint, constantly working on new double flip variations and finding ways around the rope that seemed to detach him from the physics we thought we knew. All of this comes with a price, and in early 2014 Dowdy suffered a knee injury that would take him off the water for the entire season, leaving everything he had built up to lying in wait. With the pressure of big sponsorship obligations and his career hanging in the balance, Mike’s approach to his recovery and his professionalism is what gives him and those around him the confidence that this is only the beginning. Few walk the path that separates them from being good and being great, and while we can’t quite put our finger on it, something about Mike Dowdy seems to make those close to him believe that he has the difference.

Bring us up to speed on where you were with your riding before the injury and what you’ve been through in the past year.

Before I tore my ACL last march, I was in a really good spot in my career. With the help of the G23 I was innovating new tricks that before hadn’t been thought possible. I had a lot of good online video pieces, as well as filming for my first full-length section in PRIME. I went back to Michigan at the end of last season, and when I came back I was trying a double backroll to blind and tore my ACL in my left knee. This past year has been a tough one watching other people compete and learn new tricks, but I was able to focus hard on my rehabilitation and am now back strong as ever. The injury also gave me time to buy my first house and to go back to the basics of riding again, so its been a blessing in disguise. It also allowed me to go on some cool trips.

What was your favorite trip?

Our mission trip to El Salvador with Nautique Cares. It was an amazing experience to see how other people in the world live and I can’t wait to go back and help again.

What has kept you focused during your recovery and how are things going now that you are back on the water?

During my recovery the only thing on my mind was to buckle down and focus on going to the gym and rehab as much as possible and make sure I was treating my body right. Now that I’m on the water again, I feel really good and am just taking it slow. My Doctors want me to take it slow until January and then I can start to get back into doubles and everything. As of now I’m just happy to be riding again and just playing around with the basics, as well as doing some photo shoots and things like that.

What is your vision for wakeboarding?

My big vision for wakeboarding as a sport is to see it on the main stage alongside sports like skating, surfing, and snowboarding. As a sport we have been striving for this recognition and respect for a long time. I think it’s one of the things that drive me to continue to push for that next step.

What other sports are you into outside of wakeboarding?

Outside of wakeboarding I’m really into hockey. Hockey is modern warfare and it’s a battle every time you get on the ice. It’s my favorite sport to watch and play.

What are your goals for the 2015 season?

Starting in 2015, Ill pick back up where I left off before my injury, trying to learn new tricks and do well in contests and have some photo shoots. I’m also working on a new online video with Alliance Wake right now that is show casing me getting back from my injury and that should come out around February. The sport has progressed a lot since I have been injured and I am stoked to get back out there and push it to the best of my abilities. Stay tuned for an awesome 2015!!

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