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October 31, 2013

Into the Darkness at The Orlando Extreme Watersports Festival.

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Nate Smith standing on the start dock just before the head-to-head final.
Nate Smith standing on the start dock just before the head-to-head final.

The Orlando Extreme Watersports Festival was one of a kind as the worlds’ best watersports athletes entered the darkness behind the Super Air Nautique G23 and Ski Nautique 200 for a night to remember. The downtown Orlando venue on Lake Ivanhoe set the perfect stage in the heart of the mecca of watersports. Featuring competitions in Jump, Slalom, and Wakeboard, fans were also treated to wakeskate and wakesurf demos by Nautique Team riders Brandon Thomas and Scott Byerly in between events. With a site full of fans, vendors, and a live DJ, the whole watersports community came out to light up the night.

Team Nautique wakeboarders Bob Soven and Danny Harf impressed with show stopping runs during the day that earned them a spot in the finals when the sun went down and the lights went on. In the finals Danny Harf exploded off the wake with his signature technical style earning him a third place finish.

“Riding at the Orlando Watersports Festival was a unique experience. I haven’t done too many night competitions but the fans were pumped and we were excited to put on a show for the home town crowd!” – Danny Harf

Bob Soven didn’t let the darkness consume him, riding like a man possessed charging the G23 wake so hard that he had everyone cheering him on and biting their nails at the same time. Always a crowd pleaser, Bob may have finished second on the podium but as always, first in the hearts of the fans.

“Although the darkness was challenging, my trust in the G23 wake never fades. Day or night, rain or shine, hail, snow, dust storms and through the flames I know that behind that boat the answer is to always hold my edge true. It was awesome that CBS radio took such an interest in wakeboarding and waterskiing to throw an event right here in Orlando. Even better was that they partnered with Nautique to put the best wake in the business on the lake for all of the riders and spectators to enjoy. Thanks to everyone that helped put on the event and keep watersports going strong in Orlando.” – Bob Soven

In the slalom event Team Nautique’s Nate Smith crushed it all day behind the Ski Nautique 200 running 1@43 in semis and taking the win with a full 39-off pass in the dark during the head-to-head super final. Fellow Team Nautique skier Jon Travers rounded the podium out in third place with 1.5@39.

“I thought it was a great event! Lake Ivanhoe is a great place to have a tournament. It was definitely one of the darkest night events I have ever skied in. It was a challenge trying to line up for the gates at each end. The conditions were perfect and with the Nautique 200 the only thing I had to think about was my skiing. I thought there were a lot of spectators throughout the day. I hope to ski there again next year!” – Nate Smith

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