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September 30, 2013

BSR Cable Park

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The Barefoot Ski Ranch (BSR) has become infamous over the past year with an array of events and a host of pros traveling to the growing seven lake facility in Waco, Texas. In July, Nautique formed an alliance with BSR adding a Super Air Nautique G23 and a Ski Nautique 200 to the first class facilities and amenities. This September at Surf Expo’s Wake Awards, BSR was named the WSIA’s 2013 Cable Park of the Year after being open only twelve months.

 BSR is an experience you don’t want to miss with everything you could dream of on a wakeboarding vacation including a gorgeous bar and grill, luxurious lakeside cabins, a gigantic hot tub, pro shop, outdoor pavilion, kid’s fun lake, beach areas, and the new addition of an insane lazy river. All of this alongside their world-class cable park, bi-level lake, and waterski/wakeboard boat lakes. A trip to BSR will make you never want to come home.

We caught up with Director of Marketing/ General Manager Derry Malloy to get some insight on how they have come so far in such a short period of time, and what we can expect as the park continues to grow.  

What was the inspiration for BSR?
BSR started out as the Barefoot Ski Ranch, home of the largest barefoot lake in the U.S. and host to the barefoot nationals and worlds. If you know anything about Stuart Parsons, you know that anything he does, he does first class and he wanted to build the nicest park in the U.S.

Who all is involved and how long have you been working on it?
The founding members are Stuart Parsons, Royal Wiseman, Anthony “Turbo” Ruch, Ashley Parsons and Cam Talbert. We broke ground in Jan of 2012, and opened that June. So 6 months to build and the park has been open for 14 months.

What has been the biggest challenge along the way?
Trying to keep up with Stuart Parsons, lol he works 24/7.

What has been BSR’s largest stepping-stone?
Just trying to constantly evolve and maintain the best park in the U.S. It’s a title we are very proud of and plan on keeping.

You have had a lot of support from Pro riders. What has it been like getting to know all of them and work with them? How much influence have they had over what you have done at BSR?
We constantly have top riders coming in from all over the world and it is always a pleasure to meet and work with these athletes. It’s always nice to get feedback from them, see what they like and don’t like.

Nautique is excited to be partnering with BSR. What makes Nautique and BSR a perfect fit?
The BSR/Nautique partnership couldn’t be a better fit, and everyone here couldn’t be more thrilled. The best boat in the biz; at the best park in the U.S… what more could you ask for?

Since Nautique and BSR have partnered, what’s been the response to the G23?
The response to the G23 has been great. Everyone is blown away at both the boat and wake. I constantly hear “nothing was missed when they designed this boat”…and it’s so true. We work with the Baylor wakeboard team on a weekly basis as well as guests coming in who want to experience the G23.

What are some of the events that are held at BSR?
We’ve held the National Points Chase finals, Monster Triple Crown, and several inter collegiate competitions. We definitely are planning on some more pro events in 2014. I don’t wanna say as of yet, but stay tuned cause we are definitely making plans.

What can riders and their families expect when they come to BSR both on and off the water?
We try to offer something for everyone here at BSR. Obviously the riders have the cable, bi-level and G23. For the kids and moms who don’t ride or the guest who just wanna relax, we have the beach, fun lake and lazy river.

What is in store for the future of BSR?
We are looking to bring weekly camps here in 2014. Bringing the boat and cable experience together. Campers would get 2 boat sets and a cable set per day, along with video review and trampoline training. But we are constantly evolving and you never know what’s coming next, follow us on Facebook for the latest and greatest at BSR.

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