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August 30, 2013

2013 Nautique Wakesurf Nationals

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The 2013 Nautique Wakesurf National Championships held at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia brought together top competitive wakesurfers of all ages and skill levels to compete behind the Super Air Nautique G23 equipped with the Nautique Surf System (NSS). A beautiful venue, perfect weather, and the massive G23 surf wave had everyone fired up to get out on the beautiful waters of Robin Lake.

Wakesurfing has become one of the fastest growing wake-sports, and with the development of the Nautique Surf System, surfers are now able to keep the boat evenly weighted and switch the wave to either side of the boat with the touch of a button. This proved to be an incredibly useful feature in the contest setting as traditionally two boats had to be used in order to accommodate surfers choosing to ride both regular and goofy. While the NSS offers the ability to switch from side to side, it also redirects the flow of water around the boat creating a bigger longer wave that is completely
customizable to each riders specifications.

A challenging sport that is low on impact and high on fun, the 2013 Nautique Wakesurf Nationals saw standout performances from a diverse group of competitors both male and female ranging in age from 7 – 62 years old. The competitiveness, camaraderie, sportsmanship and dedication to grow the sport shown by all of the athletes was refreshing and truly fun for every rider. For more information on the event please visit For more information on our Nautique Surf System please visit

“The Nautique 2013 USA Wake Surf National Championship has raised the bar for competitive wakesurfing events. Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA is the perfect venue for towed watersports competitions as the spectators enjoy an over-water pavilion that places them closer to the competition than any other venue has provided. Nautique provided the powerful Super Air Nautique G23 with the innovative Nautique Surf System (NSS) as the competition tow boat.  This was the first opportunity for a competitive wakesurfing event to use a tow boat that can switch from the regular (port) side to the goofy (starboard) side instantaneously while still maintaining a competition quality wave on either side.  The competition lasted 2-1/2 days with non-stop towing by the G23 with no delays. Phase5 wakesurf boards brought their Pro wakesurf team led by six time World Champion Drew Danielo and helped promote the event through their social media network. The rivalry among all the top Pro wakesurfers from throughout the U.S. provided for some of the best competition runs seen in the sport with tricks like the 540 shuv, big spin, bigger spin, and passion pop being performed for to the excitement of the crowd. All of the competitors and spectators had nothing but praise for the venue, the wave, and the event”.

Scott Culp
Founder and Director
Competitive Wake Surf Association, Inc.

Drew Danielo setting up for some technical wizardry.

Grom launching!!

Keenan Flegal off the lip with an indy grab during his winning run.

Robin Lake now listed as a surf destination.

Surf Style master Chase Hazen airing it out.


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