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June 28, 2013

Clementine Lucine takes Silver at the Mediterranean Games.

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Team Nautique skier Clementine Lucine placed 2nd at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin, Turkey in the pro slalom event running 2.5 buoys at 38 off behind the Ski Nautique 200. Held once every four years, the Mediterranean Games saw 4,000 athletes in 32 sports from 24 different countries. Towed exclusively behind the Ski Nautique 200, the slalom competition saw 24 competitors from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, and Turkey at a beautiful facility near Mersin’s new Olympic Stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies were held.

Team Nautique’s Clementine Lucine second from the left.

“The Mediterranean Games is probably the closest I will ever get to the Olympic Games, and it was so much fun! I feel very lucky to have been able to participate and I’m thrilled to have won a medal(which is actually the most beautiful one I’ve ever won) Thanks to a great organizing committee who worked like no one would imagine, they were able to transform a piece of sea into a great slalom course with one of the best judge’s towers on shore. Also a big THANK YOU to the Turkish Nautique dealer for providing us with a new Ski Nautique 200 allowing us to ski behind the best boat in the world! Also, this event allowed us to show people from the other sports and the Olympic committees what waterskiing is about, and they all absolutely loved it! And in return, we also went to cheer for other athletes from other sports! Great memories!”

*Photos courtesy of Des Burke-Kennedy

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