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March 14, 2013

Team Nautique Raises the Bar at the 2013 Moomba Masters

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Taking place in Melbourne, Australia during the Yarra river festival, the Nautique Moomba Masters is arguably the largest stage in competitive watersports with tens of thousands spectators lining the shores during the competition. This year saw some of the highest-level waterskiing and wakeboarding in event history as well as the return of a legend. Team Nautique ‘s Andy Mapple, who has previously won the Moomba Masters 14 times returned to Pro Competition for select tournaments this season after retiring 8 years ago. At 50 years old Andy showed the same competitive fire he is famous for sparking nostalgia among the crowd as he entered into the finals in second place eventually finishing fourth overall with a score of 3@39-off.

“Not very many athletes get a chance to re-live and be a part of one the greatest events in their sport, after being out for over 8 years.  Nautique and Moomba gave me that opportunity.  It is amazing, as it felt like I was there for the first time again…..and not a 50 year old former champion! Those feelings will never get old.  I am grateful to have experienced this great stage one more time. ” – Andy Mapple

Taking the win was Nautique team member and world record holder Chris Parrish who matched the course record with a score of 3@ 41-off.  In his second consecutive win of the season, Chris has been skiing better than ever this year and looks to continue his dominance at the 2013 U.S Masters on Memorial Day weekend.

“I couldn’t be happier with this win! A course record behind the Ski Nautique 200 in the final and came away with the victory!” –Chris Parrish

Also, true to form was Nautique’s Whitney McClintock once again winning the women’s slalom title scoring 2@39-off and taking the overall win. In tricks, Clementine Lucine took to the podium in third place with a score of 8520.

“Rocketman”  Scot Ellis earned a third place finish in open men’s jump with a distance of 64.2 meters.

“I really enjoyed skiing at the Moomba Masters this year. Even though it is my 21st time competing, it still has the thrill of the first time I stood on the starting dock. The Moomba team knows how to make you feel welcome when you go down under.” – Scot Ellis

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