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January 14, 2013

Tommy Czeschin and the Nautique Surf System.

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When Nautique began working on the all-new Nautique Surf System we teamed up with long time Nautique owner and Professional Wakesurfer/former Olympic Snowboarder Tommy Czeschin. Tommy’s incredible talent and technical knowledge made him a great person to have on board during the developmental stages of the NSS. What started as a fun cross training activity to supplement his snowboarding and hang out with friends quickly became a passion that led to Tommy spending more and more time on the water when he was off the mountain. He eventually began competing at wakesurf events, filming videos, and working with Liquid Force to design and produce his Pro Model wakesurfer the TC Custom Skim. Tommy has been great to work with as he brings years of experience, passion, and a dedication to pushing the sport of wakesurfing. Tommy is currently coaching the U.S. Snowboard team and took a short break to come to Florida and get out on the water as we put the finishing touches on the NSS.

Where are you from?

I am from Mammoth Lakes, CA, born and raised; I live in Crowley Lake (13 miles south of Mammoth).

Tell us about your snowboarding career and how you got involved in wakesurfing?

I grew up skiing then got into snowboarding at age 11, by age 16 I was fully funded on US Snowboarding. Through my snowboarding career I got medals from the X-Games, Gravity Games, Goodwill Games, World Cups, Triple Crowns, US Opens, I won 2 Grand Prix tour titles and made the 2002 Winter Olympic team for snowboard halfpipe. Spending all this time in the mountains, every chance I got I would go to the beach and go surfing as a fun get away. We would go south to Mexico or north to Santa Cruz; both are long drives. So living in the mountains with a nice lake right here I got into wakesurfing and I love it! With wakesurfing more people than ever can ride epic waves behind the boat all day long.

What was it like to compete at the Olympics and what is your involvement with the Olympic snowboard team today?

Competing in the Olympics was one of my best experiences, that and running the Amazing Race in 2011. It was awesome to be able to compete in my own country for the Olympics with everyone shouting USA!  It was a perfect halfpipe, perfect weather, and a great day. Marching in Opening Ceremonies was pretty rad too. I am now a coach for the US Snowboarding Halfpipe Team. It’s an awesome job and we have a really great group of riders right now. I look forward to the 2014 Winter Games in Russia and lots of podiums.

How did you first get involved with Nautique?

I was able to work with Nautique in 2007 through my snowboarding to get a killer Super Air Nautique 226, this is really when I started wakesurfing. The sparks flew. I love the wave behind my 226. Having the opportunity to now ride behind the G-series boats, 230, and 210 is just mind blowing. The boats are insane and the wave they push out is massive. Now with the addition of the NSS, these boats are putting wakesurfing on another level.

When did you start working with Liquid Force on your wakesurfer?

In 2011 I started working with LF. It was fun working with Jimmy the shaper and going through a few prototype boards to really find the shape I was looking for. The TC Custom turned out great, its super fast, nimble, playful, rides good switch, slashes good, and boosts good airs. I’ve had people out their first day wakesurfing riding it and doing great. So from the beginner to the advanced surfer it’s an awesome ride.

What was your first impression of the Nautique Surf System?

Killer! More time surfing, less time switching sides and trying to dial in the wave, people can sit where they want and not all huddled in a corner, the boat rides level, all this AND the wave is incredible. You can really dial it in to perfection. So awesome!

What do you think this will do for wakesurfing?

I think the NSS will push wakesurfing to new levels. You now have the ability to cross over the wake with the push of a button and have the convenience of a boat that’s able to put out a perfect wave with only stock ballast. Its simple and its genius, people could get a Nautique with NSS and be surf ready. Coming over! Surfs up dude at a lake near you. Ride on!

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The All-New Nautique Surf System from Nautique Boats on Vimeo.


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