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December 23, 2012

Team Nautique Holiday Traditions

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This season we asked some of our Team Nautique athletes to share with us some of their own holiday traditions.

Rhoni Barton-Bischoff – Our family has a huge advent calendar wall hanging. Each date has its own stocking. Inside each stocking are a few puzzle pieces. Every night for the month of December we take the puzzle pieces out of the stocking that correlates with the date right before we go to bed and we work on the puzzle. On December 24, we pull the last puzzle pieces and complete the puzzle. This year our puzzle is the Polar Bear Express.

Meagan Ethell – Every Christmas Eve my family and I watch Christmas Vacation, my parents make crab legs for dinner, and we open our presents on the night of Christmas Eve because my sisters and I are always too excited to wait until the morning.

J.D. Webb - This year I will be spending Christmas Eve in Denver with my girlfriend’s family, and then heading back to Florida to spend Christmas Day with my family. It normally begins with a large amount of food then a family bike ride or paddle board. Then the best part is falling into a food coma for a couple hours, then more food at my other family’s house.

Chris Parrish – My tradition is doing some kind of fun activity with my Dad at Lake Pickett before we eat a big meal. It’s usually motocross in the front yard on the track, me getting blasted by paintballs from Dad, or a little bit of both!!

Whitney McClintock – We always celebrate Christmas with my mom’s family. On Christmas Eve we enjoy a feast together. On Christmas morning grandma makes an egg soufflé and we can’t open the presents until breakfast is finished. This was always torturous as a child! In our home, we sit around the Christmas tree and one person opens a gift at a time… This makes our Christmas morning last longer than most. The rest of the day is spent together as a family; sometimes we go for a walk or boat ride. :) #lakelife

The Wilson Brothers (Brooks & K.C.) – Every Christmas The Wilson Bros. spread cheer by caroling songs of joy to happy ears all across the land. K.C. dresses up like Ole St. Nick and Brooks dresses up like a little elf. They take their act of happiness to the road much like a traveling circus. They are greeted by families with shrieks of glee and homemade treats. Maybe next year The Wilson Bros. will appear at your doorstep and overwhelm you with holiday happiness.

Emily Copeland-Durham- I guess my Christmas tradition is to visit family in either Colorado or Texas. Eat a lot of food, have a lot of fun and celebrate the birth of Jesus with those I care about most.

Bob Soven – All my friends from high school are back in town, so activities are my main tradition. Tons of basketball, football, ping-pong, you name it, we play it. Waffle house is another tradition, one of the few restaurants open 24/7 365!

Andy Mapple – We go to Church and celebrate the reason for the season, but our real tradition is being together as a family and sharing our feelings for the time.  As a parent, I am so thrilled and blessed that I have my family around and we can share.

Shaun Murray – Our tradition is the Elf on a shelf. The Elf goes back to see Santa each night and tells him who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Then he puts himself in a new location for the kids to find in the morning. The kids are allowed to talk to the Elf but not touch the Elf. The Elf is not allowed to talk back to them but he can talk to the adults. Hayden and Presley wake up each morning and are super excited to see who can find him.

Kyle Rattray – My family’s tradition is that on Christmas eve the kids all get to open one present from each other. Then on Christmas morning whenever you wake up you can open your stocking, but can’t do anything more until everyone is awake. After the gift giving is done, the best tradition in my opinion is we eat this cornflake, egg, ham dish my mom makes every year only on Christmas morning!  I look forward to that all year!

Jimmy LaRiche- Its a pretty mellow Christmas at my house. We go to church on Christmas eve, then my sister loves to wake up early and unwrap all of her gifts. Then we head to my aunt and uncles where we eat, and just enjoy the company. I will be struggling with some serious jet lag, as I’m traveling home from Indonesia two days before. It’s going to be a very sleepy Christmas for me. Ha-ha.

Karina Nowlan- Hot Australian Christmas! Waterskiing Christmas morning with our 200… Followed by lots of seafood and a BBQ around the pool- an ideal way to spend Christmas.

Jeff McKee- If its not too much trouble before the holiday I was hoping to get a hold of a new Nautique G23, mostly white with a masters blue accent stripe. As far a Christmas goes, I will be heading up to South Carolina and drinking tea with my British in-laws, getting whooped in trivial pursuit, and most likely duck hunting Christmas morning. Then we unwrap gifts, watch football, and fall asleep on the floor after an oversized early dinner.

Mike Dowdy – We have a pickle ornament and we hide it in the tree and the first one to find it gets 20$.

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