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March 20, 2012

Shaun Murray Blog #3: Testing

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Early mornings, late nights, and plenty of trips back to the drawing board became the story of our lives for much of the duration of this project. Everything that starts out as a great idea and theory on paper sometimes becomes a humbling reality once it is actually put in the water and tested for the first time. We were dedicated to keeping the promise that we would not compromise at all when creating this boat and I’m proud to say that what has come out of all the hard work we put in paid off in a big way.  

Keeping everything abstract and off the radar was established from the start, so we came up with the code name “Gray” when referring to the project. Working on something so monumental, it was hard to keep my excitement from showing through at times but we were all sworn to secrecy and I had to reserve my urge to talk about what we were doing to the handful of people that were on the inside during the initial phases.       

Having our own test lake at the Nautique factory allowed us to constantly make changes to the hull to dial it in.  All of the riders involved have a different style of riding and take different things into consideration when determining the perfect shape of a wake and how the boat performs under every circumstance considered. Remember, this boat had to be up to the ideal standards of every person on the team so these evaluations and tests were a very critical part of the process.  I was always impressed to see some of the different techniques the engineers used to test how their design would react in the water when developing the hull. Every drop of water was accounted for and every inch of the hull surface was put under a microscope.  

Once the final tweaks were made we brought in Scott Byerly and east coast surfing/shaping legend Scott “Butch” Bouchard to get input on the wakesurfing wake before making the finishing touches.

Testing lasted well over a year before we moved to the inside of the boat and the interior was laid out and implemented into Gray.  The riders didn’t just walk away after the wake was created, we spend just as much time driving these boats as we do riding behind them so the information kept flowing until the last wrench was turned.

Reps didn’t know about Gray.  Dealers didn’t know about Gray.  It didn’t exist.  Kinda like some super-secret covert government ninja program where people don’t have names, just numbers or logos. These were exciting times at Nautique, every one of us were proud to be included and took our involvement very seriously. I can’t wait until the world gets to see what came out of all of this. Only one more week until we approach the moment that will change it all

-       Shaun Murray

For more from Shaun Murray and continued updates on the Gray project, keep checking as we keep getting closer to March 31st when we will reveal it all.

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