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March 6, 2012

Shaun Murray Blog #1: I Want It All

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I’ve been on the water since I was 5 years old and riding wakeboards professionally for 18 years. I’ve designed numerous pro model wakeboards with Hyperlite and over the years I have poked my head into PD&D (Product Design and Development) at Nautique to see what they were working on and give input when I stopped by the factory. I have always enjoyed the design process that happens with a wakeboard, and as a rider at Nautique, the engineers and design team continually ask for our input on how to make their boats better.

Several years ago, the Nautique team riders were approached about designing a revolutionary new wakeboarding boat that would completely transform the industry. Nautique truly wanted to put this in the hands of the riders and do something different. So we started with a blank canvas and set out to create our dream boat.

Our plan was to begin with the wake. The wake was our number one priority in the design of this boat and we all agreed that no matter what, we would not sacrifice making the best wake in the world for any other attribute on the boat. No compromises. Once we got that dialed, we would focus on making the smoothest driving, most comfortable boat for passengers as well as the most space-efficient vessel you will ever feast your eyes on. Big Dreams.

So, there we were with a room full of engineers and designers, and our objective was to get all of the ideas we collected over the years out of our heads and onto the drawing board. We are the kind of people that if one thing is wrong out of a hundred items, we cannot take our minds off that one thing. We weren’t going sign off on this boat until every single item was perfect and up to the standards of the entire team. This process is something I will never forget as we worked on a project that would completely alter what we all thought was possible in a wakeboard boat. I cannot wait to share more with you about this incredible process next week as we approach the moment that will change it all.

- Shaun Murray

Keep checking for future updates, videos and Shaun Murray blogs in the weeks leading up to our big moment on March 31st.

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