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January 26, 2012

Matt Rini Ski School

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Matt Rini has been an industry staple for years and has teamed up with Nautique to provide you with the best boat in the industry to ski behind at his ski school or club. When Matt’s not pulling rippers at his school, he wears many hats, like team coach for Waterski Canada and go to man for Radar Skis. He has been in the sport for a long time and coaches some of the sports best athlete’s including Team Nautique skiers Whitney McClintock, Jason McClintock, and the Wilson Brothers Brooks and K.C. Matt took a few minutes out of his busy day to chat about being with Nautique.

Nautique- So, why Nautique?
The Ski Nautique 200 really is the best boat for all my needs.  It is perfect for kids, beginners, jumping 240, running 41 off and by moving the gate has a sick trick wake.  It’s the only ski boat that really is awesome for everything you could want to do behind it.  The boat has the best slalom wake at any speed or rope length, and the engines are strong for jump and so smooth for slalom.

Nautique- You just wrapped up a podcast shoot, how did that go?
The Podcast was very cool; it will feature Whitney, Jason and Brooks.  I am lucky to get to work with skiers who are at the top of their game.  We had one cold day and one perfect day.  Ryan and Aaron are pros at what they do so we will have some awesome footage.  Big Thanks to Jeff McClintock for being the best chase boat driver!

Nautique- What’s a typical day for Matt Rini?
Wake up at 4am, do emails and watch video, ride my bike for an hour or so, take my daughter Paige skiing before she goes to school, head to the lake and ski, then get in the boat for the day, take my son to whatever sport he is doing at the time, do homework with my kids, go to the gym then finish my day watching a basketball game.  I am very blessed and love what I do so my life is a little like the movie ground hog day… 7 days a week!

Nautique – Rumor has it you still rip on a normal basis, tell us how that goes?
I love skiing and try to slalom everyday.  Working with companies like Radar and Nautique, we always have something new in the works so I test a lot of product.  Also when I get new ideas that I want skiers to try I figure them out myself… I’m my own guinea pig.

Nautique- We’re excited to have you with Nautique, any final words?
I am pumped to be a part of the team and be working with a company like Nautique.  It is amazing to see such a large company who is already at the top of its industry being so driven to be better.  Yesterday was the release of the Electric Super Air Nautique 230… expect more incredible products like this from Nautique!!

To learn more about Matt, and his ski school go to and for more info on our boats and our team, check out

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