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May 6, 2011

Paulie and Tori Koch added to Team Nautique

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Fourteen year old Paulie Koch embodies the wakeboarding spirit. Starting at the age of three, Paulie lives, eats, and breaths wakeboarding with a passion that is inspiring to be around reminding us all why we started riding. In 2010 Paulie won his division at the USA Nationals and WWA World Championships along with taking home the PCM best trick award for a huge KGB he landed during his WWA Nationals run. After announcing Nautique as his newest sponsor during this year’s Wake Games, Paulie commented on what it was like to be added to the team.

“Being on a team with these legends of our sport is a dream come true to a 14 year old wakeboarder. I remember watching videos on long drives for hours of guys like Danny, J.D., Byerly, and Murray. I used to study exactly what they did for each trick. I was a student of their riding techniques. Now I am able to call them team members!

I am so stoked to be part of the Nautique family and to be riding behind the best boats in the world. Having the opportunity to ride the wake behind The Super Air Nautique 230 everyday will push my riding to new levels. I remember the first boat I rode on was a Ski Nautique. Now I am back where I belong. It is mind boggling to think of this team; Harf, Murray, Durham, McKee, Webb, Thomas, LaRiche, Soven, Byerly, Watson, and now Koch?! Tori & I are so stoked to be able to be part of the Nautique family with these riders!

Last week reality set in quickly for me. First JD took me under his wing. He shared some awesome tips with me out on his Super Air Nautique 230. Then Shaun Murray invited me over to ride on his 230 and helped me out tremendously. I spent years watching his video Detention! At the tournament I was interviewed by Shaun and that was just an honor above all.

I was blown away when I participated in my first autograph signing for Nautique. I sat down at the table with this incredible team and they each welcomed me personally. I sat between Danny Harf & Shaun Murray on Saturday and then on Sunday I sat between Scott Byerly & BT. Sick!!!

As if that was not enough JD got me involved in a video/photo shoot on Monday on his Nautique. Hopefully one of many to come. Thanks everyone for welcoming me on this incredible Team.”

Tori Koch is 16 years old has been wakeboarding competitively since she was five. After being sidelined in 2009 due to a knee injury Tori came back to win the 2010 WWA National Championships in the Jr. Women division as well as the USA Wakeboard National Championships.

“I could not be more excited to be a part of Team Nautique. Emily Copeland-Durham has always been one of my favorite female riders and to now be on a team with her could only be described as an honor.

I have always looked up to all of the Team Nautique riders as my role models on the water and off. It is amazing to be able to say that I am now a part of this unique team.

I am really pumped to be able to ride behind the boat that pulled me to a 2010 National Championship title every day. The wake on the Super Air Nautique 230 is so big and rampy it makes every trick seem much easier, and gives me the confidence to try new and bigger tricks” – said Tori.

Nautique is very excited to welcome Paulie and Tori to the team and look for big things to come from them in the future. For more info on Paulie visit or follow him on twitter at @pauliekoch. For more info on Tori visit

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May 6, 2011

Wake Games 2011

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Thousands of spectators lined the shore of the Orlando Water Sports Complex at the 2011 Nautique Wake Games as over 200 Amateur and Pro Wakeboarders kick off this year’s King of Wake series behind the Super Air Nautique 230. Team Nautique’s own Bob Soven took home the bronze medal after battling it out in one of the most jaw dropping final rounds we have even seen. Check out the photo gallery below.

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