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November 22, 2010

Rhoni’s Trip to Morocco

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Team Nautique Skier Rhoni Barton- Bischoff recently spent nine days with our Nautique dealer in Morocco coaching at one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. While she was there she took some amazing pictures and sent them to us with a little description of each one. Check it out!

The Lake at Bin

This is a picture of the lake at Bin. It is really big and has the potential to get pretty windy, Mehdi found a nice shoreline that was very protected by mountains. He placed this dock right at the end of the slalom course and this was the official hang out for all the slalom skiers for the 9 day clinic. As you can see, the view is pretty fantastic too.

Demo Time!

I had some incredible opportunities to perform a few demos while I was in Morocco. My favorite time of day to slalom was just before the lunch break as the water was always glass calm. I mean look at this place, not a ripple on the water. I would trick about 5:30 pm just before the sun would set. The 2 skiers who showed up and skied in the 8 am time slots each morning would win the seats in the boat to watch my demos. It was sort of my reward for them getting up early and hitting the water first.

Getting ready for a day of coaching.

What more could a skier ask for? Two beautiful 200s with the smallest wakes, least amount of spray and world record towing ability! This is really a piece of heaven.

The dock at the resort.

The skiers would meet me here on this small dock in front of the hotel every morning. We would load up our gear and drive over to the dock located in front of the slalom course. It was just a few minutes away by boat but one of the most amazing drives one could do each morning.


Resort view from the water.

Here’s a look at the hotel WiDiane from the lake. Check out the fact that there is literally nothing else on the mountain.

The View from my room.

This is the view out of my hotel window at the WiDiane Suites and Spa resort. It is really hard to believe but this is literally one of the only buildings even located on the water or in the city of Bin where the lake is. The hotel offers everything from fine dining to this killer pool to the best Thai Massage one could ever wish for.

Room view angle 2

Just a different angle out my hotel room window. I know this place doesn’t even seem like it could be real.

Nabil with the girls.

Nabil, the Nautique dealer, with his wife, 2 daughters and  many of my favorite female students. It was really impressive how many young girls and teenagers turned out for the clinic.

Eating Moroccan style.

As you can see, I figured out how to eat “Moroccan style;” which is very similar to what we could call family style dining. All the food is placed at the center of the table and if you want to eat, well let’s just say you’d better be quick. My favorite food was there couscous; a dish Moroccans eat religiously every Friday. My favorite was a couscous cooked with almonds and cinnamon. It was very sweet; almost like a dessert.

Belmrah Family

To my left is Mehdi Mandre, one of the Moroccan Nautique dealers. The rest of the clan is the Belmrah family. Kica, the mother, learned to run the slalom course while her daughter, Ghalia, ran the mini course. Camil, her son, learned to get up and jump the wakes on his wakeboard. The Belmrah family are proud owners of our Ski Nautique 206. They are an awesome family!

My youngest and some of my most accomplished students.



This is a small glimpse at a typical market setting. These days usually take place near the center of the small towns on Fridays. One can buy anything from fruit to carriages to donkeys – literally!

Rhoni Grimace

I am saying goodnight to all the kids after leaving a fantastic Moroccan dinner. Dinner in Morocco is a late night affair. Drinks and appetizers are usually served around 11 pm with the main course at midnight. Decadent desserts always followed. While I was there, they bumped the main up to 11 pm just for me. I couldn’t stay awake that late; hence the tired eyes and funny faces. I was delirious.

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November 2, 2010

Athlete Focus: Murray and Watson 2010

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