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February 26, 2010

A letter from Jeff McKee

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“Hey Guys,

Bob Soven and I just returned home from an awesome trip down under shooting for Body Glove’s new movie “Slick City”. Now I know what it would be like to travel with an infant. Bob drops food on the floor, leaves his bags unattended, and never shares an empty row with me. Haha! Just kidding he’s a blast to travel with, reminds me of when I was a 12 year old, or is Bob 13 now? I can’t remember. Anyways, we started at Somerset Dam in QLD Australia where we hung out and rode with Harley Clifford for a few days, then made our way down to the Brisbane River which runs through the city. I slid the front of a 300 ft shipping tanker that made me feel the size of an ant. ┬áLucky for us Air Pacific Airlines sponsored the whole trip which included a 4 day pit stop in Fiji where we visited Namotu Island which had 3 killer surf breaks surrounding it. Bob and I are by no means good at surfing, but we gave it our best shot and the back of my knee’s endured the most severe sunburn of their lives. I could barely walk. I wanted to share a couple of photo’s with you guys and say thanks again for the new boat! There’s nothing better than coming home to a fresh Nautique waiting for pickup!”

-Jeff Mckee



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