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July 10, 2009

SKI Nautique 200 Packs A Lot of Storage

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As we continue to move around with the new Ski Nautique 200, visiting local ski sites and showing it to long-time Nautique customers, I become more and more impressed with the work and effort that the PD&D team has put into this boat; the details truly make a positive difference.

How many times have we been out at the lake with our skiing partners and had skis and equipment down on the floor on each side of the engine box? How many times have we stubbed our toes on those skis, or almost fallen out of the boat stepping over the equipment? I’ve been there MANY times. The saddle bag compartments built into the gunnels of the 200 (one on each side) can now hold THREE sets of slalom equipment in EACH side!! Skis, vests, ropes, gloves, towel, or whatever else we need to keep us in one piece out there. Also, both these lockers are lockable for the security of your equipment, vented and have a removable, washable tray in the bottom. Think about how nice that will be to walk all around your new 200 without gear all over the floor.

And remember, you still have all the storage under the observer’s seat. In the Ski Nautique 200 – Open Bow, you can remove the tournament seat and actually store it underneath the observer’s seat.

The back seat can easily be unlatched with one hand and removed from the boat completely. Underneath this seat, there is a small step in the center for people out there with “shorter legs than me” to easily exit and enter the boat. This step also acts as a lift up storage tray.

If you want storage, the 200 has lots of storage. The neat thing is, it still looks like a tournament ski boat – the design and shape just takes it all in.

Watching people drive the boat is as much fun as seeing them ski behind it. I think the helm area is one of my favorite parts. Now it does not matter whether you are “vertically challenged” or 6’6”, as a friend of mine who tested the boat was a few days ago. You can see clearly! All of the instrumentation has been moved to the right at a 45 degree angle to the driver and positioned lower to create a superior field of vision. Now, there are no instruments or a dash pod in your line of sight. In the past, I used to see many people sit up on one knee, or raise up the seat in order to see the front of the boat, especially as they were coming in around a dock. Not anymore. It is quite funny when someone goes to do that and then realizes they don’t need to! As for a 6’6″ guy driving a Ski Nautique 200 – Open Bow, he too gets to look through the windshield AND he has leg room!!

The Zero Off speed control is also relocated as a stand alone right next to the Hydro-Gate control and throttle which allows for all-in-one hand control operation. No more reaching around or over the steering wheel to make any adjustments.

Like I said in a previous blog, it is fun to be the kid on the block with a new toy, but it is really fun when SO many things make such a positive difference. Continue to check back in with the Team Nautique blog for more updates and pictures leading up to the official launch of this new ski boat. It is coming soon!

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