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June 26, 2009

Ski Nautique 200 Update

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It has been about a week now since we released the Ski Nautique 200 preview video and people have had a chance to get a glimpse at this revolutionary, new boat!  I can say that this has been the most uplifting and exciting launch of a ski boat I have ever been involved with. This past Saturday, I arrived at a clinic in Indiana and had two people come up to me and say they already ordered their own Ski Nautique 200, unseen!  Also, earlier this week, we introduced the boat to The Water Skier magazine, and got to discuss with them what this means to the sport and industry as Nautique is stretching its lead once again in advancing the sport of water skiing.

The Ski Nautique 196 was our base starting point for this new boat, which was already legendary, but the Ski Nautique 200 hull is all-new and much improved! As the boat is coming down the lake, the part I love to see most is the front spray diffusers.  This is a very unique design on the underside of the hull that captures the previously wasted spray energy.  The 200 actually uses the forces of the water to not only break down the spray, but to also create the necessary and right amount of lift under the hull.  Controlling the spray is a big thing when skiing into a wind as the spray can negatively affect the wake. Also, now that there is minimal spray at the back of the boat and sides, this allows for greater skier visibility, even at 41-off.

Along with greatly reducing the spray, we also modified the Hydro-Gate which works in conjunction with the hull to roll the wake sooner and create significantly less trough.  What does filling in the trough do?  It allows the skier to keep his/her ski in contact with the water longer behind the boat, thus creating a stronger position and better direction.  And, this is the good part — without even realizing it you are released much earlier from the pull of the boat, for a much smoother exit.  Just look at the sneak preview video we released last week – you will not see a trough behind the new Ski Nautique 200.

As you can probably tell, I am having fun with this boat!  Stay tuned to Team Nautique for more updates and pictures leading up to our official launch of this revolutionary ski boat. Also, contact your nearest Nautique dealer to find out how you can make the Ski Nautique 200 your new ski boat.

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