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January 16, 2009

Team Nautique Dominates in Skiing

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Congratulations are in order for two of our Nautique skiers, Jaret Llewellyn and Clementine Lucine.  IWSF recently announced that Clementine is the female Athlete of the year and that Jaret is the male Athlete of the Year. 

Clem and Jaret both had phenomenal seasons in 2008 and are now gearing up for the opportunity to have a repeat in 2009.

Clementine has won the award several years now.  She is a Masters Champion, World Champion, US Open Champion, and most impressive is the pending World Record that she has broken in Shortboard this summer. 

 As for Jaret, well, his record precedes himself.  He is a true Champion, both on and off the water.  He’s broken many world records and won many Masters, Nationals and World Championships. 

Congratulations to Jaret and Clementine or a job well done!  Nautique is extremely proud to have you both as a part of the team.

To learn more about Jaret Llewellyn and Clementine Lucine, click their name to view their pictures and profiles.


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