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December 5, 2008

Meet Robert “Bob” Soven – New Team Nautique Rider

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Robert Soven has officially joined the family at Nautique!  Everyone on the team is really excited to have him be a part of an already all-star roster of athletes.  Robert adds so much to Team Nautique, both as a rider and as a person.   Click on the image below to go directly to Robert’s athlete profile.

I caught up with Robert last week and asked him a few questions about becoming a Nautique athlete and here’s a little taste of Robert “Ballin Bob” Soven’s personality:

How does it feel to be sponsored by Nautique? Being sponsored by Nautique feels….. happy, fun, extreme, and amazing. Those are just some adjectives describing my feelings for my newest sponsor Nautique.

What is it like being on the same team with some of the best pros? I have grown up in the sport so I have been around all the guys my whole life. But it is cool to finally call myself teammates with them. Also, it’s already been a very humbling experience; I would like for my career to get to their levels someday.

What is your favorite thing about joining Team Nautique? The boat!!!

What does Phillip (you’re older brother) think about you joining the team? In all honesty he thinks it’s great for my career and breaking out of his shadow. I feel some jealousy tensions between us now but its all good.

What are you goals for the 2009 season? 2009 – I would like to sweep the whole season, but with all the super talent in Jr. Men’s right now, it’s almost impossible. I would be happy with winning half the contests, and having podium finishes in most of them.

Tell me about your new boat? She is a black and yellow 230 — a very pretty boat. The wake is ridiculous; I just put weight in the boat and I am pretty stoked on that. I also have lights underneath; I haven’t got to use them yet but I feel like they will come in handy.

Do you let Phillip ride behind the Nautique? If anybody knows my family you know how loving and caring we are of one another. Of course I let him ride behind my boat, for a small fee.

Any words of advice to young kids your age who want to be sponsored someday? Try and be just like me.

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