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November 24, 2008

Shaun Murray’s Trip to the Philippines

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After 33 hours of travel, I found myself at wakeboarding’s next level of destination spots.  Camsur Wakeboard Complex, CWC,  is about an hour flight from Manila and has all that wakeboarding has to offer: a boat riding lake with an end designed specifically for driving double ups, a cable park with over 10 sliders/kickers, and a winch park.  

The winch park is something like you have never seen before.  A new cable type system was designed to pull a rider down a course, turn a 180 at the end and go back through the riding area.  You can go non-stop, but you get pretty tired after a while.  Pat Panakos has been the one to head up all the designs for the winch park and it shows.  There are pools that drop down into other pools, ones that step up into other pools, step sets to jump down, and even a double stair set that is pretty big.  

Accommodations were pretty nice and super cheap — less than 20 bucks a night.  Food can be around 15 bucks for the day and you can get a massage for about 7 bucks after a long day of riding.  Lyman, Aaron Rathy, Keith Lidberg and I are the riders that went there to film for Ronnie and Dave’s new film called Global Warning.  Spencer Smith and Ryan Taylor were the photogs that came along to capture the good times, so keep your eyes peeled for the new mags to come out with some shots this winter.  

The winch park is under construction which is why it looks all muddy and unfinished.  They have done all this work in just a few months.  

My hands had never been so sore since we rode so much! – Shaun

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November 24, 2008

Alligator wants to take a ride in the Ski Nautique

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Check out this photo that I got from Scot Ellis.  This alligator was hanging out on Scot’s dock a few days ago and it looks like he wants to go for a ride!

Nautique gator

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November 12, 2008

Party at Nautiques of Orlando’s Grand Opening

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Team Nautique came out this past weekend to support the Grand Opening of Nautiques of Orlando, the official new hub for Nautique boat sales in Orlando, FL.  The owner, Jeff Husby, put on a top notch weekend for everyone that came out.  Bill Porter and the Performance crew have set up a satellite store in the show room.  They also came out and gave away free gear.  Thanks to Bill, Anthony, Danny and Adam from Performance for hanging out all weekend!  

Team Nautique athletes were also there all weekend signing autographs, taking pictures with customers and helping Jeff with hundreds of potential boat buyers that came out.  It seemed like every time I turned around, there was another interested customer climbing into a boat!  One family bought a SAN 210 and was so excited that Danny Harf was there; they had a picture taken with him and his signature inside their brand new boat.

Danny Harf with Nautiques Dudes!

Friday night was an all out party with Brandon Thomas, aka BT, on the turn tables mixing beats and spinning records.  Even Nautique President and CEO, Bill Yeargin got behind the mixer with BT and worked as the DJ for a minute.   Everyone was having such a good time that we had to cut BT off at the end of the night, just so people would go home!

Bill Yeargin & Brandon Thomas

Scott Byerly was also there to unveil his 2009 Byerly Icon Edition – Super Air 210.  After Scott thanked everyone for coming out, we pulled back the covering and all you could hear were “ooooh”s and “aawwwhhh”s from everyone.  It was pretty cool to see Scott stay around and talk with customers about his new boat for quite a while.  This was #2 of 73 Byerly Icon’s that Nautique is making for 2009 ONLY; judging from all of the attention it got last weekend, I’m sure Jeff Husby will need to order another one soon.

Scott Byerly hanging by

Saturday was more of a family day at the Grand Opening.  Jimmy LaRiche and Robert Soven spent some time entertaining the kids in the inflatable bounce house which you may have seen while driving down I-4.  Robert actually said he had a sore back the next day from Jimmy playing too rough with him.

Saturday was also a day of boat sales and Team Nautique athletes helped Jeff and the NOO crew deal with customers’ questions and walked them through the boats.  You could tell that customers really enjoyed this special opportunity.  We also gave out a ski with Andy Mapple day and a ride with Emily C. Durham day — I want to say congrats to Mike Kochmann and DJ Speicher for winning these giveaways!  Lucky You and have fun! 

As I look back as this Grand Opening, I have to tell you, I’m excited!  We all wish Jeff and the crew at Nautiques of Orlando the very best!  Thanks for a fun weekend! And thanks to all the Team Nautique athletes who came out to support NOO: Andy Mapple, Rhoni Bischoff (and baby Linkin), Whitney McClintock, Brooks and KC Wilson, Danny Harf, Emily C. Durham, Jimmy LaRiche, Robert Soven, Brandon Thomas, and Scott Byerly.

Team Athletes giving autographs

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