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July 31, 2015

Nautique in Paradise at the Hillside Beach Club in Turkey

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Nautique boats are recognized around the world as the premier water sports towboat which means you can find them in some very unique locations. Team Nautique rider Danny Harf recently returned from an amazing trip with our Nautique dealer in Turkey to the Hillside Beach Club. This 5-star resort is situated on the Mediterranean coast and offers guests a first class watersports experience with a Ski Nautique 200, two Sport Nautiques and a Super Air Nautique G23. They frequently bring in Nautique athletes for special clinics and demos throughout the year to give guests the opportunity to experience wakeboarding, waterskiing, and wakesurfing with the best of the best. Danny checked in with us after his trip to Turkey where he met new passionate water sports enthusiasts and spread the stoke worldwide.

Words by Danny Harf:
The Hillside Beach Club in Turkey is one of the most beautiful places that my wakeboarding travels have ever taken me. When I set off solo to Turkey, which borders Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria I was a little nervous at first. I flew into Istanbul and then took an hour flight south to Dalaman, a tiny airport with one runway, located directly next to the Mediterranean Sea. I was picked up and driven along the coast and through the mountains for an hour until I made it to the Beach Club right at sunset! The resort is beautiful and I was pumped to finally arrive! I was greeted by the resort’s water sports staff Ercan, Ihsan, Burak, and Mustaf! These Turkish guys were so amazing and friendly both on and off the water! They all share a huge passion for water sports and I had the privilege of watching and helping them teach people to enjoy water sports for the entire week I was there. They have an awesome setup which includes a Ski Nautique, two Sport Nautiques and a G23!

Every morning I was there, the bay just in front of the resort, would stay glassy and pretty smooth up until about noon. Then we would break for lunch and start up again in the afternoon. We taught people to tube, waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf! The highlight of my trip was teaching a brother and sister, who were 5 and 7 years old to get up on combo skis for the first time. I started in the water with them and by the end of the week they could get up every time on their own and would cry when they had to stop. The crew at the resort has a great method of teaching, everyone got a rundown of what to do on the dock before going out and I didn’t see anyone who wasn’t having fun! Some of the coaches spoke three or four languages and I met really cool people from Turkey and all over the world!

I did several demo rides behind the G23 for the guests at the resort which was really fun. Some of the people had never seen anyone ride at a pro level so it’s always fun to show people what wakeboarding can look like! I did one demo at night for a beach party where there was a DJ and dancers on the beach. I rode by with spotlights on me and managed a few flips and raleys even though I couldn’t see a thing. A bunch of people told me later they loved my demo but I was definitely shown up by the jetboarder wearing a glow in the dark outfit hovering above the crowd! I got to shoot some photos for the resort’s website and rode doubles with one of the wakeboard coaches and taught him how to do a 360 and shoot with the GoPro while riding.

The trip was an amazing experience, and I met a lot of really cool people that I hope to visit again. It’s so cool to travel across the world and instantly have friends based on the love of water sports and to get to share that with others for the first time. I think getting to travel, meet new people and see the world is the best part of my job. Looking forward to the next one! – Danny Harf

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June 30, 2015

Wakesurfing in Russia with Noah Flegel

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Nautique rider Noah Flegel recently traveled to Russia for the first stop of the Nautique European Wakesurf Tour competing, coaching, making friends and making memories along the way. He checked in with us before his return home to report on the great time he had and that Wakesurfing in Russia is absolutely going off.



As I boarded my flight from Fort Lauderdale to Moscow I began wondering what Russia would be like. From the moment we got out of the airport, my family and I were treated like royalty by our incredible hosts (Alena Pistulina, Wise Kaa, and Ilya Sol from Nautique Russia). We drove straight into the crowded city, unpacked our bags at the hotel, and walked down to the lake to do some coaching in one of the local wakesurf clubs’ Super Air Nautique G21. We had an amazing time and met some awesome new people that were stoked on the sport. The first stop of the Nautique European Wakesurf Tour, the Russian Wakesurf Cup began the next day. Everyone at the contest was stoked on the wave behind the G21 with NSS and we saw some really awesome performances go down on the water throughout the day. I ended up getting second in both surf style and skim style behind my big bro Keenan. A few days later, we drove a couple hours out of the city into a town called Konakovo. This is where I really got a feel for what Russia’s natural terrain is like. We were taken by boat to a forested island where two stunning wood cabins awaited all of the competitors for the second competition of my stay, The Russian Wakesurf Open. I placed second in both divisions once again and had an amazing time with everyone I met. I couldn’t have asked for a better first impression of Russia and I can’t wait to go back next year! – Noah Flegel


For more information on the Nautique European Wakesurf Tour please visit

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June 30, 2015

Meagan Ethell continues her dominance with win at the Nautique Pro Am

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Meagan Ethell

Taking her third consecutive win at the third stop of the Nautique Wake Series, the Nautique Pro-Am, Meagan Ethell looks unstoppable in 2015. Her riding is unmatched this season and she keeps getting better with new, bigger tricks each event.

“ The Nautique Pro-Am is a new contest on the Nautique Wake Series and everyone had a great time. Being able to ride behind the Super Air Nautique G23 makes every contest on the Nautique Wake Series unreal,” said Meagan Ethel.

Bob Soven

Fan favorite and Nautique rider Bob Soven placed third in the Pro Men’s division putting him in second overall in the Nautique Wake Series standings. Bob’s unique style of riding has been celebrated this season by both fans and judges alike with huge, stylish tricks boosting out into the flats behind the Super Air Nautique G23. His runs are designed to be showstoppers as well as a technical display that represents wakeboarding’s full spectrum.

“I love riding the Nautique Wake Series Events behind the Super Air Nautique G23. Each stop makes me feel right at home and everyone brings their best when they get to ride behind the best boat in the biz! I can’t wait for the next one,” said Bob.

For more information about the Nautique Wake Series and the complete overall standings list please visit

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June 4, 2015

The 56th Masters lives up to the hype

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Meagan Ethell

The 56th Masters undoubtedly lived up to the hype. Walking the shores of Robin Lake at Callaway Gardens during any one of the three event days had a nostalgic buzz that rivaled the grandeur of any Masters competition in recent history. With new sponsors on-site along with the PCM, GM Marine Engine Technology powered Ski Nautique 200’s and award winning G-Series boats on the water we can be certain of one thing; we are still evolving. We are still progressing with new course records being set behind boats that push design and technology to the limit and give athletes the platform to perform amazing feats that keep everyone wondering, what’s next? As a spectator or an athlete the Masters always has a little bit of magic in the water that adds to the experience making it unlike any competition in the world. This year was no different.


Erika Lang

One person that continuously represents this progression is Team Nautique athlete and world record holder Erika Lang. This year she was the only athlete to compete in both the women’s water ski tricks and wakeboard divisions. In Tricks, Erika took the Masters title once again breaking the course record she set the previous year with a score of 9,770 points behind the Ski Nautique 200 in the finals.


Whitney McClintock

Nautique’s Whitney McClintock placed 3rd in the slalom division skiing through some challenging conditions to a score of 2@39.5-off.

New pending world record holder and Team Nautique athlete Jacinta Carroll made the Masters her 20th consecutive professional win jumping just 10 cm off of the course record in semis and flying 179 feet in the final.

Jacinta Carroll


Natallia Berdnikava had two second place finishes with a score of 9,510 points in tricks and jumping 174 feet in finals. Marion Mathieu-Ellis rounded out the all-Nautique women’s Jump podium in 3rd place with a jump of 166 feet.

Natallia Berdnikava

Natallia Berdnikava

Marion Mathieu-Ellis


Nautique phenom and world record holder Nate Smith won his second Masters title skiing to 1@41-off making it look characteristically easy through some tough conditions for the win.

Nate Smith


J.D. Webb impressed the crowd in both rounds to finish 3rd in the toughest final in Wakeboarding history continuing his reign as the peoples champ riding with the perfect blend of technical tricks and style.

J.D. webb


In women’s wakeboarding Meagan Ethell dominated the field in both rounds of competition behind the Super Air Nautique G23 making each trick look effortless on the way to her second Masters title. Teammate Raimi Merritt’s powerful riding and amplitude earned her a spot on the podium in third.

Raimi Merritt

Meagan Ethell

For more information from the event and a full list of results please visit

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May 21, 2015

Erika Lang: Crossing Over

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Team Nautique athlete Erika Lang is no stranger to firsts and breaking records. Within the past three years she has become the first female skier to land tricks previously performed only by high-level male athletes, and has broken the Women’s Trick Skiing World Record three times behind the Ski Nautique 200. In the past year and a half she has been moonlighting as a wakeboarder, and seeing her take a ride behind the Sport Nautique 200 after a photo shoot, we knew it was only a matter of time before the wakeboarding world got to see her skills first hand.

Making her competitive wakeboarding debut as an amateur at the Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships last season, the field of Pro Women competitors took interest in the crossover World Record skier. The other women welcomed her into the pro ranks for 2015 as she competed in her first professional wakeboard heat at the Moomba Masters presented by Nautique this past March in Melbourne, Australia. This was yet again another first for watersports, as Erika became the first-ever female athlete to compete at the Moomba Masters event in both Waterskiing and Wakeboarding.

In April, she took 4th at the Nautique Wake Open in Waco, Texas, qualifying her for the U.S. Masters. This will be the second time this year that she will compete as a professional in both Pro Women’s Trick Skiing and Wakeboarding at the 56th Nautique Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament presented by GM Marine Engine Technology at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

There is no doubt that Erika Lang is something special. Doing what hasn’t been done just seems effortless and routine for the 19 year old that doesn’t see limits, and methodically takes down each goal she sets for herself with confidence.

How did you get started waterskiing?

I started waterskiing when I was two and competed for the first time when I was five. My parents were competitive water-skiers, which helped get me started. Growing up on a ski lake, I was able to train every day after school so skiing has been a part of my life since I can remember.

Was trick skiing something you have always focused on?

I have always focused on all three events but tricks definitely came the easiest to me. I was a level 10 gymnast so I developed the strength, air awareness, and flexibility needed in learning complicated tricks very early. This skill set that I developed from my gymnastics training is what I owe much of my success to.

When did you decide waterskiing was something you were going to pursue professionally?

When I was about 9 or 10 and my tricking was really starting to pick up and improve. I remember setting the goal to someday break the world record and I think that was where it all started.

How many Masters have you been to?

This will be my seventh Masters. I competed in the junior division for the first three years and then moved up to pro once I qualified.

When did you start wakeboarding?

I started wakeboarding about a year and a half ago but started intensely training just last November.

From competing in your first contest last season to being invited to the Masters, how much focus have you put into wakeboarding and do you plan to continue competing in both sports?

I have definitely put a lot more focus into my wakeboarding since my first contest last season. I have spent a lot of time training since then and I feel like it definitely shows. I am hoping to take my riding as far as I possibly can and I also plan on continuing to push my tricking to new limits. My goal is to eventually break the 11,000 points mark.

How does it feel to compete in both wakeboarding and waterskiing at the Masters?

I am so stoked to compete in both waterskiing and wakeboarding at the Masters. It’s the biggest event in watersports and this is something I’ve wanted to do since I started wakeboarding, to be invited my first year riding pro is incredible.

Be sure to check out Erika and the rest of the Team Nautique competitors at the 56th Masters live Memorial Day weekend at

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April 30, 2015

Four Nautique riders take the podium at the Nautique Wake Open

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Four Nautique athletes took podium finishes at the Nautique Wake Open in Waco, Texas earlier this month with explosive performances behind the Super Air Nautique G23. The incredible wake behind the G23 had riders going for broke on every pass making this event a true testament to the high level of riding it takes to make it through any heat at a Nautique Wake Series event.

In the professional women’s division Meagan Ethel’s perfect execution just couldn’t be touched with her trademark technical mastery and style getting better and better at every event.

“I’m super stoked to win the Nautique Wake Open. This event is the second stop of the Nautique Wake Series and the first stop of the Wakeboard World Series so I’m looking to keep this momentum going and take both titles this year. All of the riding was incredible from all the ladies, including my Nautique teammate Raimi Merritt. We had a fun weekend here at BSR and riding behind the G23 always brings out the best in everyone.” – Meagan Ethell

Nautique’s Raimi Merritt had everyone standing as she rode going HUGE behind the G23 in every round finishing in 2nd place. Trick Ski World Record holder an team Nautique Athlete Erika Lang showed everyone that she will indeed be a force to be reckoned with in the pro women’s division this season placing 4th putting together a solid run in the finals.

“It was so awesome to be in Waco at BSR for the Nautique Wake Open. The conditions were perfect and the wake was amazing! I had a great ride in the finals and finished with a second place. I’m looking forward to keeping this momentum going into Masters next month and throughout the rest of the Nautique Wake Series events.” – Raimi Merritt

“Wake Open was such an amazing experience! Competing at my second ever-pro wakeboard competition was definitely nerve racking! It is an honor to compete against the top riders in the world and placing fourth against them was incredible! Qualifying for Masters in both skiing and wakeboarding was an even bigger accomplishment for me! It’s always been a goal of mine to qualify in both events and to be able to do it my first year riding pro is so amazing. ” – Erika Lang

In the men’s pro division J.D. Webb came out swinging behind the custom Billabong edition Super Air Nautique G23 with his timeless style to take the 2nd place spot and Bob Soven took his unique approach to the water for a podium finish in third.

“I couldn’t be happier on getting 2nd at the Nautique Wake Open. The wake behind the G23 was so big and made everything so effortless. I can’t wait for the Masters and the rest of the Nautique Wake Series events still to come!!” – JD Webb

“It is always a good time at the Nautique events, and even better to end up on the podium! The G23 wake is ideal and is always dialed in to let me do what I do best. Stoked on a great weekend and looking forward to the rest of the Nautique Wake Series.”- Bob Soven


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April 15, 2015

The State of Wakesurfing – by Drew Danielo

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Wakesurfing has exploded over the past 13 years. In 2003 when I was asked by Phase 5 to go to the World Wakesurf Championships I thought yeah, that sounds fun. About 50 people were there to compete and maybe another 30 to watch and cheer on their family and friends. From there they attached the championship to Boardstock out in California putting the sport in front of more people. With bigger crowds on hand for the whole weekend it started feeling more like a “World Championship.”  Back then it was basically one or two companies involved. Fast forward 12 years and we now have 21 qualifying stops on the World Series of Wakesurfing with over 500 people competing to get to the top level of the sport. Big name brands are now a part of the sport more than ever before, and wakesurfing continues to grow by leaps and bounds every year.  When Nautique first pulled the U.S. National Championships two years ago, a major shift in the sport was recognized.  It was the first time for some to experience the G23 and Nautique Surf System. I for one was as excited as ever, not only for the opportunity to compete behind this awesome boat, but for what it meant to our sport.

The real growth in wakesurfing is not at the contest level though. The sport has taken over the lakes and rivers of the world. It isn’t mom and dad pulling their sons and daughters anymore. Now mom and dad are out behind the boat enjoying it as much as the kids. Ten years ago if you were wakesurfing, every boat that drove by you would look at you with that “what the heck are they doing? ” look. Now it is not uncommon to see numerous boats out on the water all wakesurfing.

This sport is growing rapidly and I think where it is heading is a great place. The number of people riding is increasing every year and more and more companies are getting involved. I hope that it doesn’t get too serious and people don’t lose focus on what this sport is all about. Contests and all that jazz are fun but I think everyone needs to remember the reason they started surfing. It is just a great time with friends and family all having fun.

Wakesurfing events are popping up everywhere. Contests are an absolute blast. All the competitors and friends gather in one place for a long weekend and do what we enjoy doing. The contest scene has come a long way. With guys like Scott Culp helping organize and start the Competitive Wake Surf Assoc. (CWSA). The CWSA has been working hard on judging criteria, providing a standard for smaller grass roots events and helping to shape our sport for the future. Personally I have a love / hate relationship with contests. Some people get a little too wrapped up in the contest thing and it can bring out the worst in them. This is the down side for me with contests. On the flip side I am an extremely competitive person and I love the rush of competing. The level of competition has gone through the roof and there are some really talented kids out there. If I go out and ride my best then I’m happy no matter what.

This year has a record number of qualifying events with Nautique providing the towboat for a large number of them. THIS IS HUGE. You might ask why this is such a big deal. Well first off to have a company of Nautique’s caliber fully involved in our sport is good for everyone. Everything they attach their name to, you can assure is done to the highest quality. With events like the Canadian and U.S. Nationals, Wakestock, the AZ Open, Russian Wakesurf Open and the 10K Lakes Open it is easy to see that they are a part of the premier events on the schedule.

Nautique has not only made a commitment to events, but they have made some big commitments to the sport with product development starting with their Super Air Nautique Series boats. The 210, 230 and G-Series have all proven to be the best boats in wakeboarding, and they have created the most versatile and best surf waves in the industry as well with the Nautique Surf System (NSS). This allows you to weight the boat level; yes no more riding sideways all day, and with the push of a button you can switch from the regular to goofy wave in about 3 seconds. This is huge for contests. Now we will be able to use the transfer system in events. Last year at the Nautique U.S. Nationals I took advantage of this and was riding some regular side and then just floated over to ride on the goofy wave that was equally well shaped. From steep to mellow, long to short, just a push of a button and you can adjust this wave to your liking.

Signing with Nautique this year was a total dream come true for me. I have always thought of Nautique as the Top Dog in wake boat companies. From the quality of their boats, to the people running their company and their team full of legends and up coming riders it was a real honor to attach my name to Nautique. To see my name next to guys like Shaun Murray, Scott Byerly, JD Webb and Shawn Watson is still sinking in. I strive daily to be the best athlete and person I can be on and off the water. I have always been very selective about who I represent, and I want to make sure it is a company that reflects who I am and what I am about. Nautique couldn’t be a better fit for me. I am stoked to work very closely with Nautique to continue creating the best wave possible behind a boat.

Wakesurfing is not going away. More contests, more companies involved, and more and more riders showing up to the lakes. It is like a wildfire spreading fast and Nautique is fueling that fire with the amazing products they are making. 2015 is set to be a record year for our sport. I am excited to watch and help our fun sport continue to grow. If you haven’t been out to a wake surf event, look up the nearest Nautique event to you and go check it out. You will be impressed. If you haven’t wake surfed at all, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get out there and have the time of your life and I encourage all you wakesurfers to teach some one new every chance you get. Remember IT IS ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN! -Drew Danielo-

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March 31, 2015

Team Nautique riders join the Aktion Parks crew for the Grand Opening of the Miami Watersports Complex

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Aktion Parks cut the ribbon on their newest park this past weekend, the Miami Watersports Complex (MWC). This state of the art watersports facility features two full size cable systems, a two-tower system, and a boat lake with the award winning Super Air Nautique G23. The advanced cable lake is set up with the latest UNIT features and saw some insane riding go down for the first stop of the Wake Park Triple Crown in conjunction with MWC’s Grand Opening weekend. Located at Amelia Earhart park in Northwest Miami, MWC’s unique and fun atmosphere saw riders from around the globe settle right in for an awesome weekend that has everybody talking about wakeboarding’s newest destination location.

Shaun Murray boosting off the kicker at MWC

“From a riders perspective MWC not only has it all, it’s been done so well. Great obstacles, cables that spin both clockwise and counter clockwise, a 2-tower cable system and a great area to run the Nautique G23 for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. From a spectators or resting riders perspective, the south Florida style hang out areas are great for people to take a break from the water or to watch their family and friends ride from. We at Aktion Parks are proud to call MWC part of our family and my home away from home cable.”- Shaun Murray

Team Nautique rider Jimmy LaRiche took a page out of Shaun Murray’s book launching his way into second place in the best trick contest with a massive method to blind off the kicker.

“MWC turned out even more incredible than I could have ever imagined. This place is going to put Wakeboarding on the map in Miami. Having the first Triple Crown this past weekend down there was a blast and I hope everyone can get a chance to shred this beautiful park!” – Jimmy LaRiche

Left to right - Noah Flegel, Brandon Thomas, Jimmy LaRiche, Raimi Merritt, Jeff McKee

For more information on Miami Watersport Complex please visit

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March 20, 2015

Moomba Masters sees crowds of epic proportions as 11 Team Nautique athletes take home podium finishes.

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Record crowds brought energy and inspiration to the water as 11 Team Nautique athletes took home podium finishes last week at the 55th Moomba Masters behind the Ski Nautique 200 and the Super Air Nautique G23.

Among many firsts during this historic event was the first ever Pro Women’s Moomba Masters Wakeboard competition. Team Nautique rider Raimi Merritt took the podium in second place and fellow Nautique rider Meagan Ethell placed third. Trick Ski World Record holder Erika Lang also competed in the event placing 4th and becoming the first athlete to ever crossover and compete in both waterskiing and wakeboarding.

It was such an amazing experience competing at the Moomba Masters for the first time. The crowd was unbelievable and being able to ride behind the G23 in the middle of downtown Melbourne was the coolest thing ever! It was such a great kick off to the Nautique Wake Series.  I was really happy with my riding over the weekend and super excited to be standing on the podium with my teammate Meagan Ethell who also rode awesome! I can’t wait to head back there next year for another successful event!” – Raimi Merritt

“Moomba Masters was definitely a contest to remember. The riding was fun, as well as the whole experience! Seeing the amount of people there was unbelievable, and being able to see how excited they get to watch us, is inspiring as well. I cannot wait until next year to ride behind the G23 on the Yarra River again! “ – Meagan Ethell

In Men’s Wakeboard, young gun Noah Flegel started his season off with a bang placing third in the final behind the Super Air Nautique G23. The Competition was stacked this year and a tight back and forth battle was fought in every round. Riders from all over the globe made the trip and everyone left the water with a new understanding of what riding for the Moomba crowd is all about, chomping at the bit to perform once again in 2016.

Trick Ski powerhouse and World Record holder Aliaksei Zharnasek took another Moomba win this year, breaking the course record twice and setting the bar in the final with a score of 11,870 pts. Teammate Josh Briant just missed the trick podium taking 4th with a score of 10,770 in the final.

“After missing Moomba in 2014, I was very excited and nervous at the same time. This is one of the best tournaments we compete in all year and with it being center stage for the Moomba festival, the atmosphere is amazing. Every single day huge crowds are on the bank watching you ski and it’s definitely a lot of fun, but Moomba Masters being the first pro event of the year puts quite a bit of pressure on you as well. I finished my 2014 season on a very high note winning the Nautique U.S. Open and I was eager to see how my skiing felt after not competing for 4 months. I have to say that conditions on the river never can be perfect, but this year it was exceptionally good as well as the Ski Nautique 200, as usual produced a very stable and consistent wake for us trick skiers, so I enjoyed not only winning but just skiing at Moomba Masters. In the end, I think I did very well for myself at the first event of 2015 by winning the gold and setting a new course record. Leaving Australia, I’m happy and sure ready to keep training and push my skiing forward. I of course can’t wait to be back in 2016.” – Aliaksei Zharnasek

Jacinta Carroll took home the Moomba title for the second year in a row with a jump of 176 ft. behind the Ski Nautique 200 in the final to start another streak for 2015 (which now includes an additional win at the Mundurah World Cup stop held directly after Moomba).  Also jumping her way to a Moomba podium was “Miss Rocketman” Marion Mathieu with a distance of 163 ft. to finish third. Putting a stamp on the event, Jacinta and Marion took the #1 and #2 spots in the much-anticipated Night Jump.

“Being able to ski in front of my home crowd is like no other experience in the world. I am ecstatic to be able to defend my Moomba Masters title 2 years in a row behind the Ski Nautique 200.“ – Jacinta Carroll

The Women’s Trick podium was all Nautique with Natallia Berdnikava in first place scoring 9,420 pts., Erika Lang in second at 9,070 pts., and Whitney McClintock in third with 8,730 pts. In the first round, Erika Lang set a women’s trick course record putting down a run of 9,470 pts.

“I am super happy to win the trick title once again at the Moomba Masters with my previous win here in 2011.  Moomba always feels so exciting and special because it’s the first event of the year and it’s behind my favorite boat, the Ski Nautique 200! I am stoked!” – Natallia Berdnikava

Whitney McClintock was on fire this year as always following up her podium finish in tricks with a fourth consecutive Moomba Masters Slalom win running 2.5 buoys at 38-off. Her performances earned her the Moomba Masters Overall title as well scoring 2,758.15 pts.

“Moomba is always a great experience. I have made the trip to Melbourne 4 times now, and I always feel awesome energy in that city! The food is great, the venue is spectacular with the shoreline full of people, and of course skiing behind the Nautique 200 I know the pull will be consistent every time. All of these elements give me the confidence to go out and ski my best.” – Whitney McClintock

Joining Whitney on the overall podium were fellow Team Nautique athletes Jacinta Carroll scoring 2,336.44 pts., and Marion Mathieu scoring 2,075.66 pts.

Current World Record holder Nate Smith cannot be shaken, he has proven time and time again that he is the best skier on the water under any set of conditions with smooth effortless technique that makes each turn look like an afterthought. Picking up the 2015 season with where he left 2014, Nate led the pack in every round with a first place finish scoring 1.5 buoys at 41-off. Team Nautique’s Jason McClintock also had an impressive showing coming off of an injury in 2014 to finish 4th with 4 buoys at 39.5-off.

“I am super excited to win my second Moomba Masters!  It was a huge win for me and a great start to the 2015 season.  Moomba is one of my favorite tournaments to go to every year and to have the Nautique 200 pulling the tournament allows me to have confidence in putting up the big scores I needed to win the tournament.  Already looking forward to going back again next year and super excited to know that Nautique boats is the exclusive towboat through 2020!” – Nate Smith

Team Nautique at the 2015 Moomba Masters


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February 25, 2015

The 55th Moomba Masters presented by Nautique

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On March 4th – 9th crowds will line the shores of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia for the most spectated event in watersports, the Moomba Masters. The most elite athletes in the world will compete for the honor to be crowned Moomba champion and huge prize money in front of roaring fans in challenging conditions that make this event legendary. Join us for this spectacular event and watch the best of the best in Slalom, Trick, Jump, Wakeboard and Barefoot. Or stream it live online at For the event schedule and more information please visit Also check back here after the event for a full recap and photos of the action.

March 4-9, 2015

Batman Avenue, Richmond,
Melbourne VIC 3121


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