Jimmy LaRiche

Jimmy LaRiche

Birthday 1/19/90

Place of birth Coral Springs, Florida

Years wakeboarding I've been riding for 10 years and I have been pro for 5 years.

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not wakeboarding?
Traveling. I love snowboarding, being on the lake, and just livin!

Name your favorite place wakeboarding has taken you?
My favorite trip is probably the Monster trip we take to British Columbia Canada. It's the best!!!

Tell us an interesting fact that most people don't know about you.
I have no secrets.

What are the top three most played songs in your playlist?
I usually just plug into Pandora, so whatever they pick, I'm cool with!

Do you have a pre-run routine you do before contests for good luck?
No, not really. I try to just keep it fun. But if I hear "It's a Beautiful Day" by Bono, it's over for me!

What has been the biggest accomplishment of your career?
Winning $20,000 at one event. Man that was a good day!

If you could give someone one piece of advice; what would it be?
Keep it fun! Always!


Jimmy LaRiche Rides behind the
Super Air Nautique G23

Super Air Nautique G23