J.D. Webb

J.D. Webb

Birthday 4/27/1987

Place of birth Anna Maria Island, Florida

Years wakeboarding 15 years/7 years pro

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not wakeboarding?
Surf, moto, snowboard, fish and kick it with my daughter and lady.

Name your favorite place wakeboarding has taken you?
Northwestern Australia for Red Bull. We stayed on a 90 foot yacht with a helicopter and shot every day in some of the coolest places I have ever seen in my life.

Tell us an interesting fact that most people don't know about you.
I love to cook.

What are the top three most played songs in your playlist?
I just listen to Pandora, Donovan Frankenreiter, Jack Johnson and Jake Owens.

Do you have a pre-run routine you do before contests for good luck?
Not really. I listen to music before I ride, that's it.

What has been the biggest accomplishment of your career?
Jumping the Lake Eola Fountain and getting the key to the City of Orlando.

If you could give someone one piece of advice; what would it be?
Make sure you always have fun and keep a positive attitude.


J.D. Webb Rides behind the
Super Air Nautique G23

Super Air Nautique G23