Jon Travers

Jon Travers

Birthday 2/7/1988

Place of birth Leeseburg, Florida

Years Water Skiing 7 years

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not Water Skiing?
I like to go skeet shooting.

Name your favorite place Water Skiing has taken you?

What are the top three most played songs in your playlist?
Waylon Jennings - Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy
Ricky Martin - Shake Your Bon Bon

Do you have a pre-run routine you do before contests for good luck?
I just stretch and focus on what I have to do.

What has been the biggest accomplishment of your career?
Winning the 2011 U.S. Masters.

If you could give someone one piece of advice; what would it be?
Whatever you do, do your best and don't give up.


Jon Travers Rides behind the
Ski Nautique 200-Closed Bow

Ski Nautique 200 Closed-Bow