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The 58th Nautique Masters Recap!

May 31, 2017

Each and every Memorial Day weekend, the best watersports athletes in the world descend on Pine Mountain, Georgia competing for the most coveted title in their sport: a Nautique Masters championship. The event concluded last weekend at Callaway Gardens in dramatic fashion with three new course records set, and arguably the best three trick line ever done on a wakeboard. All behind the record-setting Ski Nautique 200 and award-winning Super Air Nautique G23, the event kept the crowd on the edge of their seats both on the pavilion and at home during the live webcast.

In the Women’s Trick division, Nautique athlete Neilly Ross (CAN) took home her very first Pro Masters win in her first year in the division. Beating the course record and the rest of the competition, Neilly scored an incredible 10,350 points to earn the victory. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would be the Masters champion, especially in my first event in the pro division.” said Neilly. “I’m so grateful to the officials and hosts of the Nautique Masters for putting together such an exceptional competition for the waterski community, now 58 years running. I am so proud to be part of this history.” After Neilly, team Nautique athletes Erika Lang (USA), Anna Gay (USA) and Whitney McClintock (CAN) rounded out the Final round respectively.

In the Pro Men Trick discipline, Nautique team athlete Aliaksei Zharnasek (BLR) posting an incredible score of 12,020 to notch another win under his belt and back-to-back Masters wins. “I couldn’t feel any better to pull another win at the Masters and win the second year in a row,” said Aliaksei. “It’s always so much fun to ski at Callaway Gardens in front of best fans in the world. I feel really grateful to Nautique and all the sponsors for the support of this great event. I’m excited to have many more experiences at the Nautique Masters!”

During the Final round of the Masters Big Dawg competition, Frederic Halt ran 3@41-off to claim victory against Jeff Rodgers after he ran 2@41-off. We’d like to congratulate Ryan Canepa on winning the O’Brien Watersports scholarship during the Junior Men Slalom exhibition, running 6@35-off.

Another fellow Nautique athlete Whitney McClintock broke a course record and won the Pro Women’s Slalom division after running an exceptional 5@39.5-off. Pulled by the record-setting Ski Nautique 200, Whitney felt right at home and was able to ski her best to take home the win. “Winning the Nautique Masters Slalom Title is the toughest and most gratifying win of all! I’m so thankful for the incredible support of Nautique & Callaway Gardens for continually hosting this event.” said Whitney. “Skiing behind the Nautique 200 with Les Todd behind the wheel gave me the confidence to go out and do my thing, and let God take care of the details. What an amazing Masters it was this year.”

In the Pro Men Slalom Finals, Team Nautique athlete Nate Smith (USA) found himself in a run-off with Will Asher (GBR) for the 58th Masters title. It was Nate’s day though, as he was able to comfortably take the win during the run-off against Will. “I could not be more excited to finish off this weekend with my fourth Masters title! It is always a great competition out on Robin Lake and with that came some of the greatest scores of the year.” said Nate “The Ski Nautique 200 lived up to its name pulling many course records and I’m happy to be a part of such a great team and family.”

In the Wakeskate division, The Super Air Nautique G23 set up perfect wakes for for Brian Grubb (USA) to take his fourth Masters win of his career, and third in a row. Austin Polterock (USA), Reed Hansen (USA) and Coco Mendez (USA) finished in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

During the Women’s Wakeboard Finals, the crowd witnessed the triumphant return of Team Nautique rider Meagan Ethell (USA) to competition. Meagan rode incredible all weekend long, and the wakes behind the G23 were just what she needed during the Final round to allow her to stomp her run and claim the 58th Nautique Masters title. Tarah Mikicich (USA) grabbed second on the podium with Larisa Morales (MEX) in close third, and Raimi Rutledge (USA) rounding out fourth place.

The PCM, GM Marine powered Super Air Nautique G23 wake was in perfect form once again at Robin Lake during the Men’s Wakeboard event. This year, it was Aussie ripper Cory Teunissen (AUS) taking advantage of the best event of the year landing two double flips and a 1080 to seal the win. Harley Clifford (AUS), another beneficiary of the epic conditions that the Masters provides had an unfortunate bobble but came back to grab second on the podium. Nautique team athlete Mike Dowdy (USA) laid down two double flips as well, but a couple crashes led him to the 3rd place spot with fellow Nautique teammate Tony Iacconi (AUS) right behind him claiming 4th.

During the Jump portion of the event, the Nautique athletes put on a clinic behind the Ski Nautique 200. Jacinta Carroll (AUS) bested the Women’s field, jumping 186 feet and taking yet another Masters title. Regina Jacques (USA) came in second after jumping 178 feet, with Marion Ellis (FRA) and Lauren Morgan (USA) in third and fourth.

The story of the day though, was Ryan Dodd (CAN) and his first and only jump needed to win the event. Sitting in top seed, Ryan ended the 58th Masters in dramatic fashion by jumping a new course record of 243 feet and sealing the win. Behind Ryan’s incredible performance were Bojan Schipner (GER) with a 223 foot jump and Damien Sharman (GBR) with a 217 foot jump. “The Nautique Masters raises the bar every year so I found it fitting to do the same thing myself,” said Ryan. “To break the course record, the Canadian national record and nail a new personal best on Robin lake means the world to me. Thank you Nautique for all you do for the sport of waterskiing.”

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May 22, 2017

​In a matter of 6 days, three Nautique athletes broke World Records behind the Ski Nautique 200. On May 14th, current World-Record holder Nate Smith broke yet another world record in slalom skiing after running 3@43-off behind the Ski Nautique 200. The record was set during the Swiss Pro Slalom Tournament and is still pending with the International Waterski Federation to be officially ratified. Six days later during the 58th Nautique Masters LCQ event at the world-renowned Jack Travers Sunset Lakes location, two trick ski World Records were set by Aliaksei Zharnasek and Anna Gay.

“I couldn’t be more excited to not only winning the Swiss Pro Slalom event, but also to break the world record once again,” said Nautique athlete Nate Smith about his slalom world record. “Being able to practice behind the best boat in the world allows me to put up the best scores in the world. Nothing beats the Ski Nautique 200.”

The two trick ski world records are also pending with the International Water Ski Federation, and with a trick score of 12,610 for Aliaksei and 10,880 for Anna, they are both incredibly excited to have such amazing results.

“It feels incredible to put up such a high score as a world record at the first tournament of the season,” said Nautique athlete Aliaksei Zharnasek. “I worked very hard this off-season to try to push the limits of trick skiing even farther, and it is definitely paying off so far. I’m excited to see what I can do this year on the water behind the best boat I could ask for, the Ski Nautique 200.”

These will be the 25th, 26th and 27th world records set behind the Ski Nautique 200, as the Ski 200 once again proves itself as the best waterski boat in the industry.

“Training behind the Nautique 200 has taken my skiing to a whole new level,” said Nautique athlete Anna Gay. “I really enjoy these tournaments at Jack’s, the Travers family does an amazing job making sure everything is just right and the Nautique makes me feel like I’m right at home.”

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Breaking in the Nautique Wake Series G23!

Apr 25, 2017

Every year we prep two boats before the start of the Nautique Wake Series. This year, with Jeff McKee, Jimmy LaRiche and Shawn Watson all out putting hours on these boats we shot some video to show you how rigorous the “testing” process is that we do pre-event season.

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Nautique Strapless Board Racks

Mar 17, 2017

The Nautique Strapless board racks made their debut in 2017. Designed to make it really simple to stow all of your boards up and out of the way, these racks cradle your wakeboards or surfers rather than compression to keep them secure and in place. Let Nautique team rider Shawn Watson tell you exactly why these are the best board racks on the market.

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GM MARINE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY: Exclusive Powerplant of the 58th Nautique Masters

Mar 14, 2017

Sometimes the most important piece of the production is the one that’s hiding behind the curtain. Such is the case when it comes to marine engines. This year though, GM Marine Engine Technology will be front-and-center as the presenting sponsor of the 58th Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament to showcase their revolutionary innovation. As the exclusive engine in all Nautique models for 2017 Masters, the direct injection PCM engines with GM Marine Engine Technology will be the workhorses that pull the world’s best athletes on the water in every discipline. With a strong presence on shore as well, the GM team will be there all weekend long to give consumers a hands-on experience and understanding of what goes into each engine. Whatever information you may need, the GM Marine Engine Technology team will be on hand and happy to provide insight into their cutting-edge product line.

“The partnership with GM Marine Engine Technology and the Masters truly highlights the synergy that they have within our industry,” said Nautique President Greg Meloon. “Not only have they shown their unwavering support in terms of product innovation, but they’re also supporting the worlds elite event and we couldn’t be happier to have GM involved.”

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