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The Most Sought After Wake-Boat Series on the Market.

TThe launch of the Super Air Nautique G23 created a new era in watersports. Nautique answered the demands of the wake community, adding the Super Air Nautique G25 and the Super Air Nautique G21 to complete the G-Series. The countless awards and accolades overwhelming make it the most sought after series on the market. Each G-Series boat is built from the ground up with sub-floor ballast and the Nautique Configurable Running Surface with Hydro-Plate giving you the ability to customize a wake that’s just right for everyone in your crew. The revolutionary G-Series interior delivers maximize space and storage for all of your gear so you can enjoy the ride inside the boat as much as you do behind it. Experience the difference for yourself and visit your nearest Nautique dealer today. Learn More

The All-New Revolutionary Design Your Nautique (DYN) Boat Builder.

Nautique has always been the leader when it comes to building your boat to spec through the Design Your Nautique. This year, Nautique takes the innovation to another level with a redesign offering an intuitive experience, look and feel. Access the DYN from any browser or from any device no matter where you are in the world. Designing your dream Nautique has never been so easy! Learn More

Check out what Nautique has to offer you for 2015.

The summer is coming to an end and fall is around the corner which means the 2015 Nautique product line is now available. The goal at Nautique is continuous improvement and this year’s changes reflect that as we continue to add and improve options on each model. From new colors to the advance throttle control, there’s something new that will please everyone. Learn More

The Must See One Minute Nautique Montage Video.

Check out the newest montage video showcasing our 2015 Nautique model line-up. From the catchy Irish music, to the action behind the boats and lifestyle shots to the awesome camera angles. This video will get your blood pumping to go ride or ski behind a Nautique! Learn More

Nautique Brings Back the U.S. Open.

Nautique and CBS have partnered with USA Water Ski to announce the return of the U.S. Open of Water Skiing on Lake Ivanhoe in Orlando, FL on Saturday October 25th. This event and festival will feature world-class 3-event water skiing, wakesurf demos, tons of exhibitors, autograph signings, DJs, prize giveaways and more. This event is free to the public and for those who are unable to attend, this event will also have a live webcast. Learn More