Super Air Nautique G25 - Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

The indescribable feeling of days spent on the boat is what we chase back to the water every chance we get. A new understanding is shared by each person that experiences the G-Series and in those moments a new bond is formed. With enough size to handle big water and the biggest crew, the Super Air Nautique G25 fits you and your growing group of friends and family that share the dream and never miss a pull.

The Super Air Nautique G-Series is the official towboat of the Nautique Wake Series and the U.S.A. National Wakesurf Championships.


At twenty-five feet the G25 features our G-Series handling and performance with enough space for everyone and everything you need to stay equipped all day on big water. Pumping out a massive, long surf wave and wakeboard wake with extended transitions, the G25 will take your riding to new levels along with everyone in your crew.

Adding to the sport specific performance of the G-Series, the Nautique Surf System (NSS) with WAVEPLATE® creates a fully customizable world-class surf wave that has led to Nautique becoming the official towboat of the U.S.A. National Wakesurf Championships. This unique system allows surfers the ability to keep the boat evenly weighted and switch the wave from each side in seconds without the need to offload ballast and people.

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The Nautique Configurable Running Surface® (NCRS) fine-tunes the hull under any condition using the latest technology in our Nautique LINC system. With 2,850 pounds of sub-floor internal ballast, the G25 offers you maximum ballast with maximum storage and a world class wake without the need for additional weight.

The design of the hull was created to fulfill every rider’s dream, with a wake that will work for every level of riding, at any speed and line length. Easily give every rider a clean lip, long transitions, and solid pop no matter what their preferences are.

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Stepping inside the Super Air Nautique G25 is awe-inspiring. With the revolutionary G-Series interior design maximized, the G25 has incredible storage and seating for 19 people with space to bring everyone and everything with you on the water. Crank up the all-new Nautique level III stereo to individually control the sound in each area of this massive boat.

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Below you will find the specifications of the Super Air Nautique G25.

Length Overall 25' / 7.62 m
Length with Platform   27' 3" / 8.31 m
Lifting Ring Spacing   23' 6.25" / 7.17 m
Beam   102" / 2.59 m
Draft   25" / 0.64 m
Approximate Dry Weight*   5,900 lbs / 2,676 kg
Fuel Capacity   83 gal / 314.2 l
Maximum Capacity   19 People / 2,800 lbs / 1,270 kg
Horsepower Range   409HP - 450HP - 550HP
Gear Reduction Ratio   2.0:1(409,450) - 1.48:1(550)
Maximum Factory
Ballast Capacity
  2,850 lbs / 1,293 kg

* Dry weight represents a boat equipped with all factory installed options, minus fuel. arrow up