What's New in 2015

  • New Metal Flake Colors

    Choose from an assortment of exterior colors including new Pink Metal Flake, Orange Metal Flake, or Indigo Blue Metal Flake. Complimenting colors are also available for the interior.

  • Advanced Throttle

    Standard on every Nautique is the new throttle control with improved ergonomics and electric shift providing precise control for the ultimate driving experience.

  • Heated Seat

    For those early morning sets, upgrade to the new heated seat that includes the driver’s and observer’s seats with independent controls available on every model.

  • Anthracite Finish

    The all-new anthracite provides a new look and durable finish that is added to many standard and optional accessories.

  • Wake Mirror

    The new wake mirror for the Super Air Nautique Series provides a wide angle view and provides two height adjustments.

  • Camera Ready Rotating Tow Point

    Available on the Super Air Nautique Series, add the camera ready rotating tow point option that works in conjunction with your GoPro.

  • G-Series Design Package

    Customize your Super Air Nautique G-Series boat with our design package featuring the premium windshield with side vents that open and close. Now choose from our array of standard colors to accent the windshield and tower enhancing the visual appearance.

  • G-Series Table Option

    The G-Series offers a dedicated storage space within the starboard transom storage alongside the engine access panel keeping your cockpit clutter free.

  • Rope Hanger

    The G-Series is now equipped with collapsible rope hangers located in the port and starboard transom storage compartments keeping it easy to organize and retrieve your ropes.

  • Nautique Level III Stereo System

    Enjoy the newest stereo option available on the G-Series allowing you to control each zone's volume individually including helm mounted speakers that raise the sound stage for a new level of audio performance. Additional amplifiers provide more power and control to the Polk Audio speakers creating a new level of premium sound.

  • Underwater Lights

    The new LED underwater lights available on every model provide up to five times the output for better visibility.

  • Tower Bimini

    The tower bimini on the Super Air Nautique Series has been upgraded this year to feature shock assist that allows one person to fold the tower and top.