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Nautique Wins Five Major Industry Awards

This past week, Nautique was honored with five major industry awards. First, Nautique won WSIA's "Buzz Brand of the Year" and for the second year in a row "Manufacturer of the Year." Nautique also won WakeWorld's Riders Choice Awards for "Boat of the Year," the Super Air Nautique G23 and "Innovation of the Year," for the Nautique Surf System! Team rider Mike Dowdy also won "Trick of the Year" for his double melon back roll to blind behind the G23! It's been an amazing week at Nautique and we wanted to thank all our employees, athletes, vendors, dealers and customers as these awards wouldn't be possible without you! Learn More

All-New Nautique Website

This past weekend, Nautique launched its all-new website featuring the 2014 model year line up. The new site incorporates a fresh, clean look with enhanced mobile device integration. Fans of the Nautique brand will enjoy optimized, full-screen video viewing and social media sharing options, in addition to the Design Your Nautique section featuring all 2014 models. An improved boat comparison page allows you to more easily compare different models, and the all-new Team site provides a glimpse into the lives of Nautique sponsored athletes and the exciting watersports lifestyle.

The All-New Super Air Nautique 230: Because you Demand Performance

The 2014 Super Air Nautique 230 features a redesigned hull and increased maximum ballast capacity of 2,100 pounds, giving wakeboarders and wakeskaters a bigger, consistent, rampy wake with a clean lip for every level of riding. At the heart of this new design are hull features that seamlessly integrate the Nautique Surf System, resulting in a long surf wave that has incredibly smooth transitions, increased push and the ability to tune the shape for every surfer in the boat. The 230 is for the hardcore crowd that demands performance day in and day out, no matter what type of board you choose to ride. Learn More

The All-New Super Air Nautique 210: Reignite the Following of a Legend Reborn

Completely redesigned for 2014, the Super Air Nautique 210 incorporates new technology and design features that have resulted in the performance you have come to expect in a Nautique. The improved hull enhances the wake while seamlessly integrating the Nautique Surf System, allowing for an even more customizable wave and the ability to switch the wave from each side in seconds. So whether your crew's passion is wakeboarding, wakeskating or wakesurfing, the 210 will pull you in and reignite the following that started it all. Learn More

Ralph Meloon - Inducted into Hall of Fame

Correct Craft's Ralph Meloon, at the age of 95 was recently announced as this year's inductee into the Boating Industry's Hall of Fame, which is a very elite and exclusive group. Meloon was chosen based on his career achievements and contributions to recreational boating during the past 85 years. Everyone at Nautique is thrilled for Ralph as he has touched many hearts around the world. Learn More