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Waterskiing Can Change A Life...One Turn At A Time.

Nautique received this amazing, heart-felt story from Chip Kimball in Lake Sammamish, WA. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

I admit it, I’m a waterskiing addict. I love everything about it. I love the sounds, the smells, the water, the speed, the strength, the camaraderie, the Nautique….I love it all to my very core. There is nothing more exciting to than to watch a skilled slalom skier carve a wall of water and come screaming across the wakes with nothing but pure adrenaline running through their veins. It is a blessed person that finds a passion so deep, and is able to readily experience that passion as a part of their life. LEARN MORE

The Byerly Icon Edition 210,
A Legacy All Its Own.

From the laser cut red LED grab rails to his signature inlaid on the transom, Scott Byerly was personally involved at every step of the design and build process. Wherever it goes, the Byerly Icon Edition brings raves from hardcore wakeskaters and wakeboarders. The Byerly Icon Edition 210 is the most customized wakeboard boat ever. LEARN MORE

The O’Brien Big Dawg Finals Comes Back To Central Florida!

Come check out the fifth annual O’Brien Big Dawg Finals held on September 25 - 26 in Winter Garden, Florida. The top fifty 34mph slalom athletes will contend for their chance to be crowned the 2010 Big Dawg Champion. Bring the family out for a fun-filled event at Isles of Lake Hancock, check out the 2011 Ski Nautique and more! If you are unable to attend there will be a live webcast of the head to head finals on Sunday! LEARN MORE

Missed the Nautique Wakeboard Nationals? Check Out Our Newest Podcast.

View the most recent event podcast from the 2010 Nautique Wakeboard Nationals in Reno, Nevada and check out what you missed. The montage showcases some of the best riding by Team Nautique athletes behind the 2011 Super Air Nautique 230! LEARN MORE

Nautique Earns Its Fifth Customer Satisfaction Award!

Nautique is proud to announce for the fifth year in a row we have been recognized by the NMMA to receive the CSI Award. Great customer service doesn't just happen overnight. It takes a unique team of employees, dealers and vendors to achieve a level of customer care only Nautique could offer LEARN MORE