Team Nautique Rider Bob Soven Shares his Thoughts

After the crazy event season, we had a moment to catch up with Team Nautique rider Bob Soven and ask him his thoughts about the direction of the sport, his experience this summer and why he is stoked to work with a company like Nautique.

You could say I have been exposed to it all this summer, from the grassroots for boat and cable to contests where the progression of our sport is undeniable. Through all this there is one thing that I realized stays true no matter what the situation is, Nautique is at the forefront of this industry. Wherever you go people are asking about the seemingly mythical G23 wake, "My friend said he got to wakeboard behind one and it was the biggest he has ever gone! I can't wait to ride the G23 again!" I have gotten to hear this similar tale many times this summer, and every time it was great for me to be reassured that the G23 is by far the most sought after boat in our industry. For me, being a part of a company that has the best boat in the industry is an incredible thing, but what I am equally "stoked" about for the Nautique brand is their involvement in the Wake Park side of our sport. It is great to be a part of a company that sees the whole picture. Nautique stepped up big time in their involvement with cable riding this year, sponsoring the Triple Crown tour, partnering with BSR cable park, bringing boat and cable Nationals together (sorry again for not sweeping haha), they have made all the right moves to show that they are a forward thinking brand and I'm proud to be a part of this family. - Bob Soven