A Little Masters History

The 54th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament will be here next month and it's not just a past time, it's a family tradition. The Masters is an experience that has a ton of great memories for families all over. Recently, we received a wonderful email from a longtime spectator and boat owner that we just wanted to share regarding his family experience at the Masters.

My wife, son, and I have come to Callaway Gardens for the Masters Tournaments since 1981. Now, we haven't attended each and every one, but we have attended many, all the way up to the 50th Anniversary of the Masters. For many years, this was the first leg of our week long summer vacation, driving down from (at the time) West Virginia (and later on from Virginia) to Pine Mountain, Georgia for a three-day stay, watching our favorite sport and past time. We always bought an official Masters t-shirt, and had a great time!

This past Christmas, I received a most wonderful surprise, from my wife. She had taken all of the old Masters Water Ski Tournament t-shirts, and had a beautiful hand-made quilt made especially for me! This was such a unique and wonderful gift, I just had to share it. You could not believe the memories and stories I could tell when looking at this quilt! Now my son just had a son and I hope he and his family will carry on our tradition of a fun filled Masters Weekend that we all enjoyed so much together in the past."

-Tom Warden

To learn more about the Masters or order tickets, please visit: www.masterswaterski.com