Another Great Nautique Owner Story

Nautique received another great owner story that we just had to share. Shawn Cole who lives in Vancouver, BC Canada shares how he and his family became passionate about the sport and Nautique!

It all started with my father, during the mid-fifties, he and a few of his buddies bought a boat and a ski.  They didn't know how the ski worked or what to do, but they stuck with it and made it happen. Unfortunately I was only four and a half years old when my father passed away leaving me with that as my earliest memory of being on the water.

About eight years later I was at our Friday night boys club at the church. It was led by a group of guys that were very passionate about passing on great life skills to our group.  I vividly remember being twelve years old, sitting at a table when they made their offer. They were having a water-ski day on Whatcom Lake, just across the U.S. border in Washington State.  They asked the question -- who knows how to ski? Immediately my hand went straight up -- I was committed now.  How could I not make it when I told them I already knew how to ski? My buddy Tyler and I were soon off to the lake. Besides the old relic of boat that had been stored in his Dad's unfinished living room for twenty years, I was pretty sure Tyler had never had the opportunity to ski either.

My first ski session was behind  John Richardson's 18' hand-built drag boat with a 427 and a V-drive engine.  John Richardson was a school teacher and had built the boat with his students over an eighteen year period.  This boat was either off or on and to idle out the owner would just touch the starter and off it would go.  Since Tyler and I 'already knew how to ski' very little advice was given.  "Are you ready?" he asked.  Well, it was now or never, no time to be embarrassed.  "Hit it!" I replied excitedly.  Well it took about a half a nano second between hitting the starter, and my twelve year old body of 95 pounds was gliding across the water. It was such an exhilarating experience!  I was instantly hooked!

As a young adult, I bought my first boat, it was an 18' drag boat with a big block -- I call it my $10,000 mistake.  I think everybody has had at least one misguided boat purchase.  Two years later in 1980 I bought my first Ski Nautique.  It had been owned by John Goodman at the Lake Samish Ski Club, in Washington.  Wow, what a boat!  Our second Nautique was a 1991, then a 1998 that my buddy Tyler owns to this day -- we still slalom and barefoot behind it during the summer. Later we bought a 2007 Nautique 211 and now our family has upgraded to a 2008 Super Air Nautique 230.  I have loved each and every Nautique I have ever owned.

Now I have the joy of sharing the passion and the lifestyle with my three children and all of their friends.  My boys, Levi and Jon are truly passionate about wakeboarding and are also excellent barefooters and slalom skiers.  While Lexy, my social butterfly, is all about going doubles or triples with her buddies.  We love all the time we spend on the water sharing our blessing with family and friends.  Many of them have already become (or I have helped them become) Nautique owners.

We now spend our summers on the lake in BC's beautiful wine country, the Okanagan,  a four and a half hour drive from our home in Vancouver, BC.  Our family puts 160 hours on the Nautique 230 and about 60 hours on the Ski Nautique 196 annually.  Thank you Nautique for building boats to the glory of God -- because I'm sure that?s what He uses too.

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