Passion For The Lifestyle: An Owners Story

At Nautique we hear all sorts of great stories from our customers and we love to share them. Recently Marc London, an Air Force officer for 16+ years stationed at Dyess AFB in Abilene, TX and his family were kind enough to share their story about how they became passionate about the sport and Nautique!

How did you become involved in the sport?
When I was growing up, my Dad taught me how to ski behind an I/O. After college I went into the Air Force and moved to Las Vegas, joined a ski club. It was the first time I had ever skied a real slalom course, needless to say it made me humble. The club was great since I didn't have a boat. Three times a year they would rent a lake at Newberry Springs, CA for the weekend. We would have instruction sessions on Saturday, then on Sunday a fun-class tournament. The excitement and spirit of that ski club, their openness to share the sport, really launched me down a path of commitment to slalom.

A member of that club had a 1994 Sport Nautique; it was red and black with white accents. Once I rode in that and then skied behind it, I knew this would be a perfect dream boat for me one day. However, my first boat was another brand of boat that I got a great deal on. It wasn't until several years later that I received an offer to buy my first boat that I was able to pull the trigger and purchase my dream 2005 Nautique 216. At the time we were living in South Dakota and found a red, white, and black one, just like the Las Vegas ski club one, for a great price.  Luckily the seller and I were willing to meet halfway for delivery.  I was happy to accept the boat sight unseen as I already knew the quality and performance of Correct Craft boats.  And, we still have and love that boat today.

One of my biggest passions is sharing the sport I love with my family and friends. My wife Karen slaloms and is my #1 driver. She loves to hear when she does an excellent job. We have three children Maddie, Jake and our youngest Nathan. Jake is currently ranked 4th in the state of Texas and ranked 29th nationally in slalom and he's only 10! He loves to ski. However with Maddie, last year we needed to give her an the course at long-line at 15mph and you can get a puppy. We figured it would take 2 seasons, but she did it in less than three months. We are now proud owners of a Jack Russell Terrier named Buoy. This year we have told our youngest if he goes from two skis to one then a goldfish will be in his future. I love that our entire family can participate and spend quality time together.

What is your favorite feature of the boat?
As big as the boat is, I can train and compete competitively behind it!

How far do you drive to ski?
Our family skis at Lakes at Timber Cove which is located in Granbury, Texas and it's about a 2 hour drive.

What is the number one rule while on your boat?
No orange chips are allowed.

How many hours do you have on your boat?
Our boat has about 410 hours.

What is your skiing season like?
The season for us in Texas starts about mid-late March through late October and we go once a week during this time.

What is your favorite ski site at of all the ones you've been too?
The greatest thing about being in the Air Force is it has allowed me to travel all over the country and check out many ski sites. My favorite ski school is McCormick's Ski School near Tampa. And, I've skied in more than 15 different ski communities and clubs. My favorite clubs are always the ones willing to share this great sport with whoever shows up at the dock in the morning regardless of their skill level. I feel lucky to be part of such a great sporting community.

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