Only The Best Thread For Nautique Boats!

As a boat owner your Nautique leads an eventful life. While on the water your boat interior is exposed to elements such as sun, wind and rain. At the end of the day you want your Nautique to look first-class just like the day you purchased it. Nautique understands this and that is why we continue to invest in details that make the difference. One of those details is the GORETM TENARATM Sewing Thread, used through out the upholstery in each and every 2011 Nautique boat.

GORETM TENARATM Sewing Thread will hold up to anything you throw at it. It does not deteriorate in the sun - it will not weaken, crack or fade. It will not stain or discolor from nearly anything you can throw at it; including harsh elements such as grape juice, suntan lotion, bleach, etc. Every time you get back in your Nautique, those highlight threads will look as bright and fresh as they did in the show room. And the seams will hold together, each time you settle in the driver's seat.

You can't always see all the high quality components that go into your Nautique boat, but they are there. And one of the clearest outward signs of the craftsmanship and care that has been poured into your Nautique is by the way it looks on the outside. GORETM TENARATM Sewing Thread, made by the same people who make other fine products such as GORE-TEXTM fabrics, is just one more reason to feel good about your Nautique.

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