A Christmas Dream Come True

During Silver Spray's 30th Annual Sale-A-Bration and Polar Ski, Mr. Scott Reese and his wife Shannon surprised their three boys with a new 2011 Sport Nautique 200 Team Edition.  Silver Spray decorated the boat so when the Reese family pulled in the parking lot, the children saw their new amazing boat sitting there with their name on large Christmas ornaments. This was a Christmas that the Reese family will never forget!

We enjoy hearing these stories and Scott was kind enough to share this letter with our team. We are extremely happy to have the Reese family join the Nautique family! Enjoy.

Given that our kids are both competitive slalom/trick skiers as well as wakeboarders, we were always struggling with what boat to buy.  If we bought a ski boat, it wasn't great for wakeboarding and vice versa.  After going back and forth through three different boats from one of your competitors, Jeff from Silver Spray introduced my 9 year old to the best of both worlds in the 2011 Sport Nautique 200.  He skied behind it at 26mph and the wake was virtually non-existent.  We filled the tanks and slowed it down to 22mph and it had a massive wake.  My sons have been working me over ever since.  We can't wait to get it in the water and start running the course.  The boys have become quite passionate about Nautique.  Rarely do you see them without a Nautique hat, shirt, etc. on.  They love it!

Top wakeboarding pic: Garrett on his wakeboard on the lake in 20 degree weather and 40 degree water. He was so excited about the boat and the event that nothing was going to stop him from participating.