A Nautique Marriage

Later on in life Michelle was attending college and one of her courses was video editing. She had a project to complete and chose to do her project on the History of Beaver County, PA. Memories came flooding in of how Beaver County looked completely different from the river. Michelle hadn't spoken to John in years, but she looked up his number and called him to see if he might take her and her instructor for a boat ride in his 1982 Ski Nautique so they could film various areas of the county. Still the same guy, John said "sure".

Funny, all those years Michelle had known him and all those years they spent hanging out, skiing, boating, going to concerts and places as a group - when she first saw him again after many years there was a spark. It was a while before they acted on those sparks and fell in love.

In 2006, a new beginning in their lives, happy and so much in love. It was at this time John was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. They were devastated. Chemo, radiation, temporary colostomy, more surgery, more chemo and here they were finding their solace whenever they could on the water in their Nautique. Michelle even pulled John on his ski behind the Nautique at this time. Michelle was not quite sure if it's because it was something he had to prove or something that calmed him or maybe a little of both. This episode in Michelle and John's life had a very happy ending and they have been blessed, as he is cancer free.

Michelle's interests in "older" Correct Crafts began within this period. She found correctcraftfan.com and made many new wonderful friends on the site. It's a great site for reference and long lasting friendship. John purchased a 1966 Correct Craft Mustang as a present for Michelle in 2008. This is the boat Michelle is currently restoring by herself and has finished putting gel coat on in original hue of Yucatan yellow. John and Michelle also own a 1966 Correct Craft Barracuda, 1994 Ski Nautique and a 1981 Ski Nautique in addition to John's 1982 Ski Nautique.

Their engagement took place August 15th, 2008 on the Beaver River while they were on our way to the opening ceremonies for the local regatta. Their dockmaster, (wingman) Mike Baycura threw a bottle in the river ahead of them. Michelle was known to pick up garbage in the water and throw it away properly. She grabbed it and threw it under the seat of the 82. John just looked at her and said "I think there was something in there." Michelle pulled it back out from under the seat and pulled out a note and began reading it as John lowered himself to one knee and asked her to marry him. After Michelle accepted the proposal, John gave her the 1982 Ski Nautique.

Their marriage took place June 26th, 2010 at Mile Marker 26 on the Ohio River in Beaver County, PA in their 1982 and 1994 Ski Nautique. Mayor Mike Swanik, a fellow boater from their docks - Bridgewater Landings - performed the ceremony. They were greeted at the wedding site by many of their boating friends and their friends from wakeboardpittsburgh.com were Michelle and John's professional wedding photographers.

Brought together by a 1982 Ski Nautique, Johnny and Michelle are happily married with their three children; Justin 21, Austin 16 and Hannah 14. Michelle and her family truly enjoy spending their time on the water in their Nautique. They continue to live the Nautique lifestyle being involved in boating events and issues that affect the local boaters.