Truly An Amazing Nautique Customer Letter

Once in the driver seat it was readily apparent that a great detail of time had been spent on obtaining the best relationship between the hull and the water for the handling response and tracking was a new experience for one who was a die- hard MasterCraft owner - having owned 8 over the past 15 years.

The styling was far superior to the ski boats of the past and the interior layout and storage saddle bags on the rear gunnels made the interior very spacious with no restriction in moving about the boat.

The offset gauges from in front of the steering wheel provided an unobstructed view of the water ahead. Further the location of the Zero Off speed control panel enables the driver to monitor the system with minimal diversion to the driver's attention.

Upon arriving back at the dock, it only took me a second to decide that this was the craft for me.

Shortly thereafter as soon as the pricing, painting schemes, and optional equipment was available I placed an order with Jeff Husby of Nautiques of Orlando; however delivery would not be until the fall.

The next time I was introduced to the boat was in September at a tournament at the Isles of Lake Hancock. As I waited on the shoreline for my turn to ski, I observed the boat in action and the relationship of the wake to the skier as they were pulled through the course. Naturally I was a little apprehensive since I had previously only driven the boat. As my turn to ski grew closer I began to think the wake is so wide and gentle, the best thing I could do in becoming familiar with this new invention was to not over ski it. I did just that and skied my personal best on my first round. Wow! Was this a new experience - but was this just for me? The answer came a short time later as Michele skied her personal best and then we both duplicated our personal best on the second round - amazing!

In late October my very own Ski Nautique 200 Team Edition arrived with a fury red hull, deck and platform with silver metal flake bow; faux teak accenting against an interior of silver cloud vinyl with onyx black piping and fury red striping.

The boat is everything one could expect and it handles like a dream. We cannot imagine how anyone could possibly purchase another brand regardless of existing ownership. There is obviously not another ski boat on the market that will begin to touch design, comfort, handling and wake this boat delivers to a skier. Further it will be several years before the ski boat industry will be able to match the 200 performance.

Am I impressed? You bet your pants I am! In fact I was so impressed after 2 weeks of ownership I ordered another one identical to the first for use at our summer residence in Virginia. If anyone had any doubts about the 200 Nautique, have them call me.